I've had a very busy couple of years doing other projects, if you are familiar with our clothing store, www.TheDominatrixStore.com you will see just how much it has grown!

But it's fair to say I have missed you all, My sissies, My slaves, My faggots and pain sluts.

My plan is to start doing sessions by at least November in my new fully-equipped dungeon, I also plan to travel a lot more this year doing sessions, places like Dubai.

Keep checking back for up-dates!

part of my new personal dungeon

with 3 cages for overnight and long stays

August 2012:

I now see only a limited number of submissives, slaves and sissyboys a month.

I am a very experienced, lifestyle Dominatrix with over 15 years of experience controlling and subjugating naughty boys like you.

If you are genuine, are in Bangkok on business or holiday, and would like a session, complete the form below in full.

My fee is 10,000 baht for 1 and a half hours. Contact me if you need to serve.


For my latest news and profile, see http://profiles.birchplace.com/mistressalaya

previous updates:

September 2011:

Gosh, what a busy few months I've been having. I was back in London (UK) in June for another small party, then back to Asia a week later. If you do not already know, I assist in the design of fashion and fetish-wear now and am so busy I have less time available for slave sessions. However, I do still see a few sweet submissive boys each month, and keeping the sessions low means I also enjoy them a lot more.

April/May 2011:

For all you sweet slutty sissies out there I am now wringing a monthly milk mail for BirchPlace, so if your not a member, then sign up today for a free membership at www.birchplace.com - it's a great little community and not just for sissies and TVs; it caters or every one taste and Fetish, and boasts one of the top up to date Mistress directories called HighSpikes, when you join feel free to add Me. MistressAlaya is My id name there.

March 2011:

Just back from a cheeky little trip to the UK, seeing old friends and attending parties, being spoilt and pampered it was lovely but the jet lag is a bitch and seems to get worse with each trip I make. So its back to work for Me on new Fetish designs and photo shoots which is always fun to do, and of course keeping up My personal sluts training! Wishing you all a wonderful perverted April.

January/February 2011:

Hello My little slave sluts! I have been so busy working with fetish fashion, I've not had time to update My news.

I am working with some very talented leather boys who are working with Me to design some wonderful bondage gear to keep slut boys and sissy gurls in good, tight bondage. I hope to reveal some of these new things soon!

December 2010:

Just back from cold Hong Kong. Two days of shopping on Hong Kong Island and the Harbour centre in Kowloon is exhausting.

Great to see all the thigh boots in the stores, though of course they are not as high as mine, but its a good trend nonetheless.

The fetish scene in Hong Kong is very small, so I had to take solace in training one of My keenest slaves who is a senior manager of one of HK's largest banks. And what a naughty puppy boy he is too. The higher they are, the lower they need to be kept.

November/December 2010:

November flew by and now we are in the month of December and Xmas is almost upon us! I do think of all My sluts back in the UK, and wonder how you are all doing? I still get many emails asking if I am returning. It's always nice to be thought of and remembered, so thank you for all the sweet emails :)

I have been keeping Myself busy seeing a few slaves for sessions as My other work projects keep Me very busy, but if a session form comes in that interest Me I pull out My pussy-high, shiny thigh boots from My closest and always have fun. It seems you can take the Mistress out of the UK but she will always hanker to be worshipped in Asia ;)

I would like to take this time to wish you each and every one of you a wonderful Xmas, and may all your kinky perversions come your way in the new year.

Don't forget to take a look at www.thedominatrixstore.com for some nice dressing ideas too!

MA x

September/October 2010:

I am so busy these days working on fashions and things with My Maids, that I have far less free time available to see slaves. I am limiting it now to a maximum of 4 slaves a month.

August 2010:

I am now back and settled in sunny (and rainy) Bangkok! Drop Me a line if you are in My part of the world. I am especially interested hearing from slaves who love the cane and boot-licking, and of course sissy boys.

July 2010:

I am back in Bangkok in early August!

June 2010:

I am in London for a little while, attending a few parties and things. I am going to be too busy for sessions I think, but you never know - My regular UK slaves who have served Me so well over the past 7 years can always drop Me an email begging to lick My boots to amuse Me! :)

May 2010:

Even though I'm out of the UK, I will be back in London during June for a few weeks.  I am not going to be available for sessions on this trip. It's sweet that I'm still remembered and thought of well in the UK, so thank you to all that have been in touch.

My sissy plaything is now having a little nap in his cot dressed in his little sissy babydoll, and I'm just about to wake him, put on his special bib for worshiping My ass!

April 2010:

Easter is upon us, and you lucky people in the UK are all revving up for your long weekend, so I hope whatever your doing its a good one for you.

I had an an interesting but good session just last night with an Asian slave, a little cheeky, and our translation was a little lost at times, which amused Me. His first time seeing a European Mistress so his etiquette was not the norm, but we got there eventually, his tongue did a perfect job on My ass, his open mouth begging for My spit. Our session ended with him on My Queening chair, My bare feet gripping his cock as he milked over them. I look forward to seeing you in June slave R, No need to bring a new bottle of Jim Beam, it will still be here

Happy Easter every one!

March 2010:

I have been training a local boy here this month who came for few sessions of a series of days. His fantasy was to learn to like and enjoy eating his own milk. The silly boy started off disliking the smell and wanted to stop the first session after he thought it was all just a silly fantasy in his head. But after the 4th session, he is now literally begging Me to milk on My thigh boots to be able to slurp and lick up every single drop. Such progress in just 11 days from the first session to turning him into a cum-eating sissy slut!

February 2010:

I have started on a new top list thing which I know you good subs will start to get people linking to. You can vote for me on the top list is here and it will go live in a few weeks once my subs get it filled up with kink.

January 2010:

I had a wonderful Xmas and New Year in London; one week of constant parties with bi-sexual naughty lesbians, gay boys, Italian TVs, and a few sweet straight people too.

A shame Torture Garden for NYE was cancelled at the last minute; I had a new latex frock and shoes! Last year's was lots of fun. Then at the last minute I found they had put it back on? What a mess that was!

I may be available to see slaves January 3rd to 9th. Contact Me if you are genuine and wish to make an appointment to serve Me. I really would only like to see subs I have seen before, unless you are exceptionally sub and able to amuse Me in some way!

December 2009:

I am spending Xmas in London and the surrounding area to get into the festive spirit. Whilst, I am not planning to offer sessions, if any of My slaves from the UK crave some more punishment, training and strap-on sucking under my 7" spiked thigh boots, drop Me a line.

November 2009:

I found some more photos of my last Maids party; enjoy.

These pics show the real thing - no-fees training days with real cock-sucking, lisping, pantied sissy boys kept as sissy maids for 24 hrs.

October 2009:

What an exciting month October has been, so much going on I just wish there were more hours in the day!

Lots of new exciting fetish clothing being made, and the new panties that I shall make all My sluts buy and wear for Me!

fuck panties

September 2009:

Phew, where does the time go? My Queening Chair has been well-used this week and I am now into watching a long movie on my Queening chair, with My back against the wall with a nice pillow - very relaxing, having My ass worshipped. A cane at the ready to whack a sub boy's cock if he forgets his place and task.

I just had a delightful few days at Angkor Wat in the north of Cambodia. We should build some temples like that in Europe, made by slave boys with us standing over them with our whips!

August 2009:

After a trip back from Hong Kong, I am having a lovely new real leather catsuit designed for Me at the moment. I think it will be quite an outfit! I am thinking of having some bondage buckles added to it, so I can attach a slut to My catsuit, with their face buried deep in My ass. Strapped to their Mistress' ass.

I would also like to get some nice nursery equipment made. I have been thinking of making a bondage high-chair and changing table - something to really control and humiliate a silly submissive boy :)  I am keen to see My slave boys milk into a little bowl on the floor, then be put into their high chair for a milk-feed - bibbed and strapped into their high chair in a nice bonnet. :) Yummy!

June and July  2009:

Gosh, so busy here in Bangkok and Hong Kong. I have been working with the lovely people at www.thedominatrixstore.com on dozens of fabulous new rubber and pvc designs for slaves and Mistresses - coming soon!

May  2009:

A lot of My yummy videos are now available here.

I am in Asia, mostly Bangkok and Hong Kong for the time being. I am doing sessions here, but on a limited basis as I am BUSY and FUSSY!

April  2009:

I am now in London, and not available for sessions currently.

March  2009:

As I am spending more time on a big fetish project, I have less time available for My mind-blowing sessions, so get in touch now if you want the chance to serve Me properly before I am not in the UK.

February  2009:

I won't be available in the UK for much longer, so if you want to be able to serve Me here in the UK, I strongly recommend you apply soon.

3 submissive sissy maids licking My heels

I am excited about a new project I am starting with friends in the fetish business; more news on that later.

January  2009:

I went to a great party at Torture Garden on December. In a nice sexy pink rubber blouse and black rubber skirt, which seemed to go down well. Afterwards, I indulged in some exotic rubber BDSM fun with two very naughty girls, and a cute subbie boy. Many naughty boys and girls at the club came up and said Hello, and it was nice meeting some of you for the first time, who had emailed Me during 2008.

December 2008:

I would like to wish all of My regular slaves, and not-so-regular slaves (and sissy boys) a very Merry Christmas. I have been so busy the last few weeks, that I am glad for a bit of a rest over Xmas - at some nice parties of course.

November 2008:

I have put some more lovely clips of Me in action (with Strap-on Jane), training slaves into My members area for this month. Enjoy!

October 2008:

I have organised a wonderful few days of maids and sissies and slaves parties. Please see www.birchplace.com/bpparty for information. This party is open to nice sexy people, especially any subs who've seen Me before.

September 2008:

I have put some more lovely 2-Mistress clips into My members area for this month. Enjoy!

August 2008:

I had an amazing time this month filming with Strap-on Jane this month at Her dungeon - there are new film clips & photo sets in the members section of My time there and very much looking forward to doing something with Her in the future. Always a pleasure to meet like minded dirty beautiful people!

So if there are any TV sluts or male slaves that live in the Slough area wanting to be spit roasted by Strap on Jane and I for future shoots then get in touch!

July 2008:

I have some fantastic new spit-roasting film clips in My members area for this month, taken in the dungeon with a slave and Nicola too. Enjoy!

June 2008:

Loved doing My film and photo shoot this month. Slave gary was the dirtiest and most willing slut I've used in a long while. He did everything I asked of him so looking forward to using him again in the future!

Also, many thanks to slave P for doing the filming. His first time doing a BDSM shoot and I loved working with him.

What a crazy month June is! I had an extended series of heavy BDSM sessions this month, plus a couple of days of extra filming with some tranny sluts and pain sluts too. Most fun! My members area contains some nice new sequences of what went on!

I talk all the time about www.thedominatrixstore.com it has something for every one and new and exciting Fetish clothing is being added to the line constantly, so you adult baby's, French maids, little sissy girls and boys this has to be the first place to shop, even if your looking for something to buy your Mistress, you'll find there!

I just bought myself a new pair of jodhpurs that look incredible with my pussy-high thigh boots!

May 2008:

My favourite store has now got some new lovely maids uniforms and adult baby rompers and dresses! There is nothing I like better than having a smooth sissy boy at my feet, needing control under the boots of his strict Mistress or Nanny :)

I am also really into caning, so I like fresh slave meat to crawl in my dungeon and raise their bottoms for a stinging sensation that you will truly remember for a long, long time!

April 2008:

I have been in such a filthy state of mind the past few weeks, so much so I am now wearing My rubber panties and stockings to bed every night. There is nothing as sexy as rubber against your skin! I am sure you would agree!

Contact Me to book a sensuous or severe session under My pussy-high thigh boots now!

March 2008:

I am having so much fun with My new electrics box. I just the love to see the reaction on their face as I turn up the current!!

I hope to be filming the next couple of weekends for new members content. Please note that I am always looking for new slaves to film with especially pain sluts that can take a good thrashing!

February 2008:

Well it does not rain, it pours! What a DIRTY Friday night I had with a lovely slave on Saturday 1st! The little slut had been writing to me for some weeks, begging to see Me. His fantasy was to be turned into a sissy piss-boy for a whole afternoon - watching Me strut around in My shiny thigh boots and severe rubber face-sitting panties over the long afternoon. My bathroom is next to the dungeon, so he was lucky to experience not one, but three toilet duties drinking My golden wine. I then made him milk over My boots and lick up every last drop, whilst 'bibbed' and humiliated. He hated the taste of his salty milk, but licked and swallowed every last drop and begged and thanked Me properly on his knees afterwards. What a lucky boy!

You can now also download some of My films and photo sets individually from here.

I am now really getting into 'electrics' - I've had a lot of fun lately seeing slaves squirming as I punish them with electricity :

Another slave wimp, gagged and strapped down receiving electric-pleasure and pain

January 2008:

Wrapping the bondage slut in wide cling film, only leaving his ass and little cock exposed. Gagged & collared I positioned him at the foot of the bed where there was a full length mirror in front of him. I sat on top of the wooden horse with My legs wide and teased the dilly slut by showing him My white sheer panties. I began to play softly in the place that he would NEVER see, he moaned and groaned so as a treat I placed My fingers under his nose..."Breathe Me in bondage slut for that's all you deserve!"... That was just a part of how I spent My new years day ...which was perfect for Me!

A new year has begun and I'm looking forward to new and exciting times... old slaves and new I wish you all happy new year!

December 2007:

My hooded sissy French Maid before her training begins

I'm always looking for subs of all kinds no matter what your fetish for filming material, but I have to stress yet again please do not get in touch if you are not 100% genuine. I am going to publish the email addresses and telephone numbers of anyone who wastes My time to various sites listing timewasters. My application form is ONLY to be used if you genuinely want a session. All slaves I have not seen before MUST pay a deposit. No exceptions as this allows genuine subs to visit Me.

I want to wish all that pass by My website (and of course members)
a very happy Xmas and wish you all the very best for 2008.

November 2007:

I am now giving mind-blowing sessions on the Essex/Suffolk borders, near Halstead.

To be able to get back into my 24/7 lifestyle, I am now training TV Nicola to be My 'personal maid' during intense sessions in her underground dungeon.

The dungeon is fully equipped with bondage bed, whipping post, cage, stocks, St Andrews Cross, and an extensive range of bondage items and accessories.

Extensive, intense, longer stays can also be arranged.

October 2007:

I am now back in the UK for a while.

September 2007:

I'm having a rather naughty September full of depravity! I have a slave flying in from France again for two days of Deviant-Fun. He has a barely-used virgin slut hole so I shall enjoy strapping the slut down & developing his ability to take a 8" black strapon!

The rainy season in Thailand is coming to an end, so we have less rain and I shall be spending more time by the pool.

Thank you to the slaves in the UK that have kept in touch it's a joy to hear from you and reading how you still think about our sessions.

There are some great new videos in My members area with my slaves (men and TVs) undergoing suspension and toilet duties. What fun! :)

August 2007:

Be sure to check out my Members area for amazing new Femdom films with Me and my slaves (men and TVs).

There are some amazing new sissy clothing designs at http://www.thesissystore.com?aff=MistressAlaya so all you satin sissies should go shopping and buy yourselves something very cute, I would love to see photos of you wearing what you buy!

July 2007:

I've been having a wonderful time with My two local slaves here in Thailand, plus My regulars who get to come here every few months on business.

One session last week was booked by a high-flying female for her sissy French husband, who wanted to watch her husband be humiliated by sucking a real cock and having Me take his virgin ass with My favourite strap-on. I let the wife hold her slut husband's head as I instructed him how to take another cock into his mouth, I'm not sure who was surprised more the husband or the wife when the cock spurted all over the sluts face?

I have some new filthy Femdom video clips up inside My members area!

June 2007:

Bangkok is hot! I have been so busy I have not had a chance really to update my news.

Any one living in Bangkok or passing through that wants to get involved in film/photo shoots then get in touch by email including a recent photo of yourself. No idiots or sweaty old fatties please.

May 2007:

I am back in Bangkok! :) I can see a strictly VERY LIMITED few slaves for professional sessions when I am there, but I am going to be so busy with interesting fetish projects that are taking up a lot of My time.

April 2007:

I'll be spending Easter in Amsterdam where I have four slaves that cater for all My needs!

You really must check out www.thesissystore.com so many new garments have now been added that make all My sissies drool.

Wishing every one a good holiday break whatever your doing.

March 2007:

Can you believe its March already? I've been back in the UK for seven months now, and apart from the weather, I have had quite an amazing time! I'm very happy to see so many old faces and of course many new ones.

I have been searching the internet for a "spurting strap-on", so if anyone knows where I can get one, then please do let me know! I know they exist, because I've seen them online before, but I can't find one now.

Just in case you don't know what I mean by "spurting", it is a strap-on cock that can be filled with cum, spit and whatever else I want; so as I fuck my slut, the strap-on unloads... pretty cool huh!

Also, a great new photo session set is up in My members area, from the sessions in the Manchester dungeon.

February 2007:

Had a great time filming in the UK, with all the sluts that turned up last month - some were very dirty whores so a lot of fun all round was had! So look out for those I'm sure you'll enjoy watching them.

Finally, I have started on a full wardrobe of clothing made for My 24/7 sissy-slut-fuck-dolly, with lots of swishy satin to humiliate & control him :)

I have some nice new content in my members area :)

January 2007:

Happy New Year! What fun I had at the little fetish party in Suffolk. There were a few TV maids, a lovely Nanny and her baby boy, a Master or two, and some sweet female Dominatrixes too.

Taking charge at the fetish party in Suffolk in December 2006

In Manchester with My newest sub boy

Another photo taken in Manchester with My newest sub boy

Sissy Maids and BDSM filming in Manchester:
I have a hardcore BDSM and sissy film shoot in Manchester on January 4th. These are INTENSE sessions! Not for novices. If you are an exceptional sub (female or male or TV) get in touch if local and nice-looking, 101% sub and not a timewaster. Email me at mistressalaya@hotmail.com - enclose a good photo, your mobile and availability. I am specifically looking for Maids, sub-females TVs and young athletic slave boys. You must be available for all O and A and CP duties. No timewasters or dickheads please :)

December 2006:

Happy Christmas to all of you :)

Dom and subs party in North Essex - dates announced:
I am at a small party in North Essex on the 29th, 30th and 31st of December 2006 at a house with fully equipped dungeon. If you are an exceptional sub (female or male or TV) get in touch if local and nice-looking, 101% sub and not a timewaster. Email me at mistressalaya@hotmail.com - enclose a good photo, your mobile and availability. I am specifically looking for Maids, sub-females TVs and young athletic slave boys. You must be available for all O and A and CP duties. No timewasters or dickheads please :)

November 2006:

I am now in MANCHESTER UK for a limited time only for unforgettable Sessions in a fully-equipped Dungeon.

I know just the medicine for naughty boys - come and kneel and kiss my 6" spiked heels...

UPDATE: I am having a great time and dealing with so many of you naughty boys, so when requesting dates, it helps Me if you give 2 or 3 days you can serve Me on. So all you pain sluts, piggy boys, boot-lickers, ass-kissers, strapon-swallowers and spit-suckers, get in touch for a mind-blowing session to live out your wildest fantasies!

October 2006:

If you've missed the chance before to serve Me in the UK, this is your opportunity (AND for My old regulars in the UK!), come and revisit My strap-on training, whips, spiked shiny thigh-length boots and stunning catsuits!

Four of my sissy-maids (yes, all were lucky enough to receive My strap-on)

July/August/September 2006:

Meanwhile, this is a new nice store for lovers of satin to look at www.thesissystore.com - it's where I get my satin panties for My slave boys.

June was full packed as per usual; a lot of new sissy clothing is being made for My 24/7 sissy-slut-bitch-boy, and I received a full rubber hood for him (lovely-on!! lol). So you will see a lot more of him in photo and film shoots - the poor little boy has quite an important job, so I've agreed to hide his cheeky little face. I also made him purchase a set of butt plugs in three different sizes and had him deliver them to his office. His eyes were watering just looking at them. I'm sure there will be real tears once the butt plug training really begins!!!

I promised I would say a personal hello to My little toe-sucking Turkish slut that came over to Bangkok for a session the other day, merhaba slut :-)

Many thanks to all the UK slaves that I have met that are keeping in touch from time to time and chatting online; it is always nice to hear from you!

I have just updated My new profile page on HighSpikes - and for you naughty sissies I want you to setup a profile on SissyWorld, and for you darling sissy French Maids you can create a beautiful Maids profile from this page.

It's great - unlike bloody-yahoo-360 that delete your profile for showing a little naughtiness for goodness sake! So now you can have a glorious profile showing what you want, and say what you want, no silly yahoo rules - it is where adults can go to find other kinky pervy people; it has its own nice chat room and you can soon cam-to-cam, so please join up its FREE and add me when you do, My id there is MistressAlaya, lets have some fun :-)

Happy 4th of July to all My Yankee sluts!

MA. x x x

June 2006:

May came and went in an instant and now it's June, so what I have been doing?

I had a wonderful trip to Malaysia, beautiful country; very friendly people. A lovely hotel too, and a thankful slave to service Me while I was there.

At long last I found a team of people in Bangkok to make new fetish clothes for Me - the poor darlings haven't really a clue what they are making, and can't understand why I would need a hole in My rubber panties? So very much looking forward on working on My new wardrobe!!!

I had a session with a UK slave who works most of the time in Dubai, tall blonde and very big thighs and I'm happy to report that the rest of him was also very big, a tongue that worked extra hard and a face that just fitted My pert bottom perfectly.

May 2006:

A nice little make-over on My site - I hope you like it. The colour matches My lovely silver rubber basque and stockings :)

May is here already! Pinch Punch the first of the month, and My first day was AMAZING!

Having had a fabulous night out on the 30th of April, not getting home till 5.30 in the morning, which was a little naughty because I had a session to do with the lovely slave pete from Australia, who is based in Asia now full time. He flew into Bangkok early afternoon, and he text Me to say that he had landed and was on his way, My poor head was throbbing, body moving just a tad slow, so I told him to take his time because I had been out the night before, he asked if I could back up? I assumed it was Ozzy-talk for can I manage it? The cheeky rubber slut!

He turned up at My door with a beautiful long stem pink pale Rose, he undressed and got into his very sexy rubber chap shorts with a leather thong, and a rubber vest. So sexy! :-)

We had the best session, so My advice to any one with a hangover - get yourself into rubber and fuck a sexy rubber-clad Oz slut with your strap-on. It sure worked for Me!

Also, My long-awaited shipment of plastic panties have arrived from the UK. I am so very much looking forward to dressing up My 24/7 sissy-boy. Could May get any better? Well it's a very good start don't you think!

April 2006:

Well I am now super-tanned! I am doing some more hard sessions this month and will be displaying photos and videos here. Three lucky sub boys from Europe are booked in already for April so it should be good!!!

My visiting sissy maid from Monaco gets the cane!

March 2006:

Just back from a week in Chiang Rai. I am down in Krabi for a week from Sunday 26th, but may occasionally be online to read email. I am so looking forward to My next kinky film session in early April!

I am away for two weeks from 15th March to the 2nd April; but I will still be able to read email from time to time.

February 2006:

What a busy, busy few months it has been! I have been having a lot of fun in Bangkok and Hong Kong. It's nice to meet a few of you coming in from American and Europe on business; especially you who have never visited Asia before. Bangkok (and Thailand as a whole) has a lot more to offer than just go-go bars and tuk-tuk rides, and its nice to go out to some of the lovely restaurants around town with My little group of friends. I have spent a few days at the lovely Peninsula hotel, just on the other side of the river where one naughty boy in particular got a quite severe caning!

I am particularly interested in getting some new rubber gear from England, so if any of your subbie boys would like to see me wearing it; then I suggest contacting me and booking a decent downtown hotel for me to wear it - you can then kneel and lick my thigh boots, watching me tower over you in a lovely new outfit. I do not 'charge' for this, but I may want to be able to use the hotel room for myself for the evening!

Again, if you are a nice, fit, handsome, respectable man, with a deep desire to serve, then feel free to contact me - but I do not offer sessions to just anyone, I am not in that 'business' anymore :) I only partake in sessions that I will enjoy.

January 2006:

Happy New Year to all My past and present subbie boys. I was delighted to get some lovely emails over Xmas, and I have on finally now managed to reply to most of them.

December 2005:

Xmas is upon us, where oh where did the year go? It seems like only yesterday that I was in My serviced apartment trying desperately to cook a Xmas dinner in a Thai oven that took practically 7 hours to cook, thank goodness I now have a pretty maid now to take away the stress!

I had a wonderful time in Hong Kong last month, thank you stephen for your wonderful hospitality and the gift too :-)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all My members (old and new) a wonderful Xmas, and may the New Year bring, joy, happiness, and love, Oh what am I saying? May it bring out the Deviants in you all, and have a dirty filthy time - I know I will be!

I enjoy all of your emails too, so even if you are very shy, send Me your deepest submissive fantasies - I do enjoy reading them :)

November 2005:

The rainy season seems to be going on and on this year - when will the rain stop! The Golden Showers won't be stopping anytime soon though! I look forward to seeing some more of you traveling 'boys' who seem to get into mischief so far away from home! It's nice to see some old faces from London, Manchester (and even Dublin!) who come over for a holiday in Thailand and then get in touch with Me for a serious session! A special thank you to slave tony for bringing Me some West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce which you cannot get in Bangkok!

My 'Queening' chair is getting lots of use, I'm pleased to say, and I even had to order a re-enforced sling for the slave's head through overuse! :)

October 2005:

I spent most of October in Hong Kong and Ko Chang so have not had much chance to reply to emails!

September 2005:

What a busy month I have ahead of Me! In the next few weeks I'm off to Hong Kong to deal with a couple of very lucky slut-bitch slaves who have been begging to serve Me for what seems like an age!

I am also having made some wonderful Fetish outfits which you will see soon!

Here in Bangkok it is the rainy season, but I wont let it dampen My spirits! I have been seeing a new slave here, and I have introduced him to My Golden Nectar, I even made him buy a piss-gag with funnel so that the piss slut doesn't miss a drop!

Some new content has gone up in My members area for September - some lovely shots, 3 of which are seen below as a taster!

I love wearing rubber!
The lucky photographer got a caning for his reward for taking some nice photos.

August 2005:

I have some great new content in My Members site! Jacuzzi/rubber shots, pink satin mini skirts, thigh boots, silk seamed black stockings. . . mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I am now offering a very few real sessions with genuine and respectful slaves. This is to allow some of you begging-boys who have been pleading to see Me, a session of a lifetime beneath My spiked heels. For more information click here.

I am doing some more film shoots this month. Genuine submissive boys who can provide a good body, a strong backside, and a Thai mobile number along with full information get priority.

Many more high resolution shots in My members area!

In my purple latex basque and gloves ready for a Queening slave! Any takers?

July 2005:

I was in Australia for a couple of weeks - what a great time I had too - but it was very cold.

I am filming some more Queening sequences this month so email Me your requests for what outfit you'd like to see - maybe the red shiny skating skirt, or black PVC catsuit, or some lovely shiny rubber?

My new nursery room is also now completed and I really look forward to showing you little sissies and slaves My perverted fantasies in action!

June 2005:

It's been almost 8 months since I left the UK, and oh what fun I've been having on My travels throughout Asia, but I have been neglecting My Members area a little and I intend to put that to rights ASAP!

As I'm typing, I have two little slave sluts decorating My new premises to film from; I'm having My beautiful new 'Queening' chair sent over from the UK which I can't wait for you all to see - having My Royal Bottom tongued for hours on end, for there will be no escape for the Ass-licking Slaves, for they will be strapped beneath the throne until I'm done!

My members will also see a change of direction in My filming; it's going to be much more hardcore, far more extreme, you all know by now how much I love using My strap-on, but I have never had two sluts tied to a bench ready & waiting to get fucked at the same time!

A lot more humiliation too - you little sissy boys need to be controlled and what better way than to show you on film wearing a diaper & plastic panties, of course before that shoving the biggest butt-plug deep inside you! Demanding you piss your diaper only to severely thrash you for doing so!

Also coming soon... Mistress Alaya using Her 'sex slave', he's been corresponding with Me and serving Me on visits for 4 months, and now he belongs TOTALLY to Me and now has a life-long contract with Me and every part of him is Mine to use as I see fit. I love to force him to milk on My pussy thigh-boots then lick them spotlessly clean; plus using his male hardness as My personal 'dildo', whenever and wherever I choose to use it. Well, you will have to join to see!

I've had a very exciting month here in Bangkok. What with more shopping trips, I have been testing the bottom of a new extremely submissive slave boy who could take nearly 100 strokes of My cane before begging for mercy.

I am still keen on hearing from more extremely genuine and submissive slave boys for hardcore sessions beneath My boots, but you must be pleasing to My eyes!

Slave jean paul has created a few images for Me - you can see them here.

May 2005:

I am traveling to Hong Kong later this month for a film shoot - so genuine HK-based submissives get in touch if you want to experience a severe, no-fees session of a lifetime. You will be hooded if need-be.

I have found a local supplier of 'adult' nappies in Bangkok! I can't tell you how much this surprised Me! Now I can get all of My favourite English teas and French cheeses, AND stock-up on disposable nappies for My nappied-slaves without having to wait for imports from America!

April 2005:

I plan on going on webcam a few times this month, so keep a lookout at My yahoo ID to see if I am online.

I plan on going back to Hong Kong next month (May) to do some severe 'CP' filming so get in touch if you are Hong Kong-based and need a good thrashing. You can wear a slave-hood but I take no-nonsense! Be warned!

March 2005:

What a wonderful time I've been having in Hong Kong! Between shopping trips, I managed to go and visit the lovely lady at Fetish Fashion on Hong Kong Island, where they have a fully-equipped dungeon with lots of lovely Fetters furniture including a big bondage bench and a huge wheel! Of course, I couldn't leave empty-handed so I bought a few new items including some new black rubber hotpants which should be making an appearance very soon here on My site!

I am busy building up some new fetish-wear to show off later this month :) If you are a good slave-boy and can take a severe thrashing on film (you can be hooded) get in touch. I have very effective ways of weeding-out timewasters :)

I have changed My email address from Hotmail to MistressAlaya@hotmail.com

February 2005:

I have been shopping (again!) :) I've bought a very sexy shiny strict nurses uniform, a few pairs of skyscraper 6" non-platform heels, basques, gags and other toys to tease and train with! New pictures coming soon!

I am looking for an attractive slave-boy to take part in a new photo and film shoot later this month in a luxury Bangkok Hotel. If you have what it takes, and can supply full details and not be a 'dreamer', get in touch with your name, age, experience, location, interests, etc - and of course a photo. Lots of strap-on play and ass-worship for the lucky one.

January 2005:

I had a wonderful New Years Eve and New Years Day here in Bangkok. Happy New Year everyone, especially to all of the boys who sent Me New Years Day wishes :)

Mistress Lynsey of Spain came to visit Me and we had some great times discussing Her 'passion' for good submissive sissies and slave-boys. I will be helping Her establish a new Slave Training School this year and hopefully taking part in all sorts of wild adventures!

I have been so busy traveling that I'm now becoming extremely selective in who I see for sessions - if you are an exceptional slave (who has a good body) and can take a lot of discipline, get in touch :) Exceptional submissives who meet My demanding criteria can see Me without a tribute, but some kind of 'gift' would be fine as I want to record our session on film - yes you can wear a slave-hood if necessary.

Various items during 2004:

I am having a wonderful time in Thailand. The sun is always shining, the swimming pool is always warm, the food is great and the sight of a tall European lady in 5" heels in the Emporium is causing a few looks - everything is just how I like it.

Thank you to everyone who has written to Me, wishing Me luck in this wonderful city and to those lucky few subs who got to serve Me last month. I am strictly limiting the amount of sessions available now so you are going to have to be a very lucky boy to serve Me.

One of My regulars even made the trip over from London especially to see Me, so I was more than happy to provide a pro-longed bondage session with My favourite strap-on and shiny hotpants.

My members area has some great new shots of Me dealing with some extremely submissive fresh white meat, such as the little pain slut here kissing My behind. There are also some new video clips of Me giving firm strap-on training to two little sissies. :)

I had great fun film shooting this week - three lovely TVs got My black strap-on nice and DEEP and one was a delightful little sissy maid in a beautiful big pink satin dress!

My pink satin sissy maid Fifi taking it deep like a good girl!

I am still looking for genuine male slaves who can take a severe thrashing from My canes and whips - so if you can travel to see Me and obey My every wish, get in touch with FULL DETAILS including a face photo and contact number. If you can't do this, or cannot take hard CP, don't apply.

Some amazing new film clips have gone up of the session with My 3-slaves, especially where all 3 lucky boys get to worship My boots and shiny catsuit behind. Find out who has the best tongue for worshipping My ass!

Lots of new exclusive videos have also gone up in My members area. Including great new smoking sequences and sessions with My new hooded pantie-slave.

Some great new photos have gone up in My members gallery.

I had a very nice time in Dublin again, but very exhausting as I had two long, extended sessions. I wish all boys were as well behaved and submissive as some that I've met over there.

I am developing a new love of the sissy and adult baby scene and have made friends with a little sissy called Emma who has been showing Me the delights of forcing men into nappies, mittens, bonnets and booties :) What great fun I are am having with these little sissies! So if you are into this kinky scene, drop Me a line!

I had a good session with a slutty TV schoolgirl called Jenny. She failed miserably to please Me, so I caned her as she deserved. From these recent photos, you might think this is what all of My slaves get - but if you are not into pain at all or simply can't be marked, that's fine - just let Me know beforehand :)

Riding on My slave's face in rubber panties before he gets to worship Me properly.

I had a GREAT time at the Mistresses and maid party! Here are two photos of Myself and Bambi.
The rest of the images and videos from the event are going into My Members area.

I was asked to help host a kinky fetish party that was organised in March - this was ONLY for extremely submissive males and TV Maids (forced feminisation group scenes). Take a look! Very kinky!!!

Satin Hobble Maid
I love this outfit! So pretty, and great for maids to serve in.