Now and again, I get to enjoy a really hot session where I get to play a very strict thigh-booted Dominatrix to someone I've known for years but has not experienced dom/sub sex games before.  I have a good friend who is very dear to Me, but I only get to see him when he travels to London on business. If I tell you a little about how the afternoon went, you may see what sort of things really turn Me on these days, and why being a Dominatrix is such a turn on for Me.

My friend works for an international finance company, based mostly in Asia now, but with offices in Europe and USA too - he is a very sweet, nice man in his 30s who is a little shy, with wonderful manners. He first experience 'fetish-sex' with Me years ago, when I slipped into some knee-high boots after we'd got back to My house after a long party. They were new boots, so I wanted to see what he thought of them, and although he knew I was a bit 'kinky' he knew little of My Dominatrix lifestyle, other than that I was into spanking men.

As I slipped on my knee-high boots, I saw this lovely curiosity grab hold of him, and his eyes lit up at the sight of Me laying on My couch, with my booted feet, cross legged. I was a little tipsy from the party, and he was too. So I told him that something I was really into was having My spike heels cleaned and worshipped by 'straight' men. He laughed at Me and went red, and was clearly turned on. So I asked him if he would be prepared to show him exactly what I meant for an hour, promising that he could stop at anytime if he was freaked out at any point. It's fun for Me to show a guy just what it is about erotic Domination that makes 'sex' so much more interesting.

I went into My bedroom, and changed into my basque and retro lingerie, seamed black stockings with My pussy-high, thigh-high shiny black boots with 7" spike heels. My friend was all relaxed now as I went into My lounge. His jaw dropped to the floor as he saw Me dressed to kill.  "Wow!" was all he could say, over and over; I'd definitely got a good reaction, but just how far would My friend go on My little trip? I told him to take off his shirt and socks, and to sit on the floor, next to my couch. As he did so, I took one of My bar stools from My kitchen, and took into into the lounge, so I could sit up high, and let My thigh-booted legs dangle down inches from his face.

"I want you to be a good boy, and start to lick My boots." I was very gentle in persuading him, though I did not have to insist; he lent forward and started kissing My black, shiny PVC boots. I let My fingers comb through his hair, saying 'good boy, that's a good boy, this is just the start of your training."  He was clearly turned on, and looking up at Me from time to time, beaming like a Cheshire cat.

I'd fucked My friend years ago, but tonight decided I was going to use him as a slave-toy; use his cock and tongue make Me climax over, and over. To see if I could find out how submissive I could make My friend become, and even turn him into a devoted submissive play-thing.

After about 10 minutes of boot-licking, I think My friend presumed we'd just go to the bedroom to fuck.  But I had much more interesting plans. I wanted to see how much pleasure he could give Me, and if I could start to control him properly to become a proper, submissive fuck-boy, where the Mistress takes all the pleasure, from a fit, submissive male.

I walked to My closet where I keep some of My whips, canes, collars and paddles, and fetched a lovely pink leather collar and matching leash. I like pink because it shows boys that they are really submissive, girly boys. They will end up shaven, plugged, and lots more! A shaven boy is a happy, submissive boy in My experience!

Placing the collar around My new subs neck, I had him lay on his back and lick and suck My heels.  Heel sucking is a great way to start to introduce new subs into their future career of becoming a pimped cock-sucker for a Mistress.  Start with metal spiked heels, then into dildos of ever-larger sizes, then finally real cocks to suck as a pantied and sissified male.

My friend was now really turned on, so I told him to remove his trousers and pants. He revealed a lovely hard tool, with trimmed hair - a nice fat, throbbing cock for Me to use.  I told My friend to lay on his back as I wanted to feel his tongue deep in My ass.  He immediately got in position and was breathing very heavily now, as I knelt over him, and pulled open My black, shiny rubber Queening-panties. As I rocked gently back on his very wet tongue, I told him that he was from now on going to be My slave toy, and learn to please Me every time he visited the UK. He would spend hours and hours worshipping My pussy, My ass and my tits. His cock would be used to make Me cum, but his own climax would only be used to cover My boots, so he could start to learn the delights of cum-eating.  A nice heterosexual man should be shown the delights of learning to love the taste of their own cum, as it turns them into very obedient cock-suckers, under the heels of their strict rubber Goddess! I have a few males who eat their own spunk from My boots, and My friend would join My stable of visiting sissy cock-suckers. Needless to say, after some lovely Queening, My friend was hooked and was more than happy to please Me for the rest of the day and night.

I have so many exciting things to introduce him too, that I am really pleased he has taken to this new sex-fetish so quickly. Now if I need his nice cock inside Me, I know I can use him 24/7 whenever he is in town; and once we progress to the more extreme forms of training, I am sure he will start going gaga over nappy training, puppy training, sissification, being pimped, hard spankings, cum-eating, and being dressed in satin lingerie whenever we go out in the evenings to a party or restaurant.

It's great being a Mistress! :)

his first party and the new trick

he had been summoned and ordered to be in the proper position and place ready to receive an audience in Her Magnificent Presence at 7 that evening. he knew what he had to do and where he had to be. At 7 he was waiting, kneeling naked with forehead pressed to the floor in the small dark room that was the ante-room to Her Studio of Pain and Pleasure – pain for him, pleasure for Her. As the clock on the mantelpiece struck the last of its seven chimes he heard the door behind him open and the shaft of brightness and light that radiated upon him from Her aura entered the room. he knew better than to move or look up, but stayed motionless in his learned true position in Her Presence. he heard the measured steady tap on the wooden floor of Her lethal eight inch high-heeled black shiny PVC thigh boots as She crossed the room and sat in Her usual high throne chair to gaze down and examine the correctness of his state of worship. He remained motionless for the minute of silence that followed, but now Her Presence was everywhere and completely overwhelming all his senses. his breath grew deeper and more audible as he felt Her Superb aroma enter his nostrils. And then She spoke softly but firmly and gave him his instructions. There was no possible way he could misinterpret Her intentions, even though Her voice always caused Him to enter a state of even greater submission.

“Tonight you will attend your first Mistress party as My ‘creature exhibit’. It will be at Mistress Angelique’s mansion and there will be nine other Mistresses there with their ‘creature exhibits’. Each Mistress will show their success in training their ‘creatures’ by having them demonstrate various tasks and elements of their training. you will exhibit the speciality I have generously trained you for. you will be the best and show how good my training is. you will not let Me down, or else your punishment will be physically and mentally severe, which means that if you do not meet the standards I require in your demonstration you will be physically marked in many ways and then mentally scarred as you will never be allowed in My presence again. Instead, you will be given to one of My female slaves as a toilet slave and a toy. Do you understand!” Her voice had risen over the last three words, so that he was under no misunderstanding as to what was required of him and what the consequences would be of failure. But he knew better than to answer Her question until ordered to do so.

Eventually, after another minute of silence, and in a much softer whispered tone, she told him, “answer”.

“Yes Madam, I understand”, was what he knew to say, and no more, and all the time with his forehead firmly pressed to the floor.

“Good” She told him. I leave at 9. Be in your proper position and place at 8.30. ready to leave with me. you will be collected by my female slave chauffeur, the sweet elisabeth, who will deposit you in the boot of My Mercedes before she informs Me My car is ready. you will, of course, wear your proper ‘dress’ as you have been trained to do so over the past two years – a bra and panties. you will wear that black silk bra and panties Victoria’s Secret set that I instructed you to buy, the one with the lovely pink frilly lace edging, as well as your black hold-up stockings and high heeled shoes. Elisabeth will fit your slutty blonde wig and apply your heavy black eye make-up and bright red lipstick when she collects you, as well, of course, as attaching My ankle-lead to your collar so that when I arrive at the house for the party you can be fixed in your proper place at My feet before I make My entrance. Finally, this is a great honour for you to be chosen for this demonstration. I expect to be rewarded through a supreme performance from you. Do not fail Me!” And without waiting or asking for his reply She rose and left the room.

At 8.30. he was collected by The Mistress’s Chauffeur slave elisabeth, a six-foot tall 18 year old superbly slim blonde in a tight fitting black chauffeurs suit, white shirt, black tie and cap. elisabeth, however, hated him and had nothing but complete disdain for him and his gender, and was never slow to make him aware of that fact. Now she was even more contemptuous of him as he was going to be the Mistress’ ‘exhibit’ at the slave party rather than her. As he knelt at 8.30. once again with his forehead firmly fixed to the floor he heard elisabeth enter the room, but before he could move she strode purposefully towards him and launched a fearsome kick from her black six inch spike heeled ankle boots into his groin. As he gasped and groaned she quickly fastened Her Mistress’ ankle-lead to his collar and told him “just a little something to help you enjoy the evening cumslut. Mistress has already told me that should you let her down – and I know you will you useless piece of shit! – She will give you to me as a toilet-slave and a toy. Well, you know the first thing I will do to my new toy cumslut? Get its balls cut off and wear them as a nice new shiny necklace, and then you can gaze upon them each time I use you as my living toilet paper. Now get crawling, I have to get you made up and into your slutty blonde wig, and then into the boot of the Mistress’ Mercedes before 9.”

Although he had no idea of the exact period of time from the darkness of the boot of The Mistress’s Mercedes it seemed like quite a short journey, of no more than 20 minutes. Despite her loathing of him, and her earlier threats, elisabeth had made a good job of his make up, lipstick and wig. she knew perfectly that to do otherwise would incur her Mistress’ displeasure as She would be ‘exhibiting’ a creature in less than perfect ‘condition’. Before she opened the car door for the Mistress, elisabeth dragged him out of the boot of the car and lead him on all fours by The Mistress’ ankle lead to the car door out of which the Mistress would step. he once again fixed his forehead to the ground and waited. Once she opened the door and helped the Mistress out of the car, elisabeth immediately fixed the ankle lead from his collar to the silver ring on the ankle of The Mistress’ eight inch high heeled PVC thigh boots. he was still with his forehead firmly fixed to the ground and knew to remain so until told by The Mistress “walk!” Even in that position though he could see that She had changed into Her blood red thigh boots, which he knew meant business. She had told him many times throughout his training that Red meant danger. When She wore it he should be even more attentive and careful. The slightest error would be punished mercilessly. he desperately wanted to see what else She was wearing, but he knew that to raise even one eye, let alone his head, to look up at Her and see what She was wearing would bring instant and fierce punishment. So, he remained still and in his correct position waiting for the “walk” command. he heard The Mistress say to elisabeth, “good. Well done. the ‘creature’ looks very presentable. Let’s hope its performance is as good as yours, or else, of course, the ‘creature’ will become yours my little one”. And with that he heard elisabeth give out a long, dull moan of satisfaction as the Mistress placed both her red latex elbow length gloved hands on either side of the chauffeur’s cheeks and give her a full on kiss on the lips.

Elisabeth was still sighing heavily as he heard The Mistress softly order, “walk”. Luckily for his knees it was only ten paces to the door of the mansion. As The Mistress reached the door with Her ‘exhibit’ it was swung open. Judging by what he could see – he still kept his main focus on the ground, as he had been trained to do – the door had been opened by another ‘creature slave’, as all he could see were two bare legs and what were obviously a man’s feet, although with bright red painted toe-nails.

“Darling! Welcome! And this is Your new ‘creature exhibit’. We are all so looking forward to this new trick You are going to demonstrate to Us tonight. All the other Mistresses and their ‘creatures’ are here, and there is so much speculation and rumour about what You are to show us have this ‘thing’ do”. he realised immediately that this was obviously the host, Mistress Angelique, who had been only too keen to welcome his Mistress and was now exchanging full on kisses on the lips with Her as the two locked in embrace. From his low subservient proper place he immediately noticed that the host Mistress had what appeared to be over-the knee black leather boots on, but with rather lethal looking riding spurs and chains attached at the heel. Once the two Mistresses had finished their greeting Mistress Angelique explained to Madam that She had already given one demonstration of Her latest training technique to the other assembled Mistresses. “We have had some riding demonstrations Darling. I think it went well, and everyone enjoyed it. I demonstrated just how to pierce the ball-sack with My spurs from a riding position on the ‘creature’s’ back while it was on all fours. The screams were, of course, exquisite!” Still with his head bowed, and on all fours fixed by his Mistresses ankle-lead, his fear levels rose rapidly as he again glanced at the host, Mistress Angelique’s, boots and saw that the riding spurs were splattered with blood.

his Mistress was offered, and accepted, a glass of champagne as She entered the large room in which all the other Mistresses – ten in all, including his and the Host – were sat. All their ‘creatures’ were sat at their feet, and he scampered around on all fours behind his Mistress as She greeted each of the Mistresses in turn, again with full on kisses on the lips. Eventually his Mistress sat on one of the leather chaise lounges and he was placed at her feet, under her spiked boots, which from time to time She delighted in piercing into his flesh. As She sat down and moved him into position with Her ankle chain, he managed a fleeting glance at what she was wearing. It seemed almost as though She wished him to see what it was She had on. That was because Red was indeed the evening’s colour for her. Indicative, he knew, of the fear She was determined to strike within him – fear of failure. She was wearing the tightest red latex dom-dress with one of the very shortest skirts he had ever seen. It stretched over Her perfect contours superbly. At the top it was low cut and exhibited Her superb perfectly formed breasts straining against the red latex, and her fine hard large nipples pressed firmly against the material as She never needed a bra. Large hard nipples was something She was very proud of, and found very attractive and exciting, as He had found out from day one of his training and was to exhibit later that evening. Her wonderful shiny thick curly blonde hair rested magnificently on the perfect orbs of her breasts. The red latex short skirt of the dress was pulled perfectly across Her Magnificent Arse – something else that She had learned that as far as he was concerned was a ‘deadly weapon’ throughout His training – although the skirt barely covered Her Arse. Very early on in his training She had found out his weakness for parts of Her body, and She now knew from his training experience just how to use those weaknesses, especially as far as Her Arse was concerned. Between the bottom of Her red latex dress and the top of Her blood red 8 inch heeled PVC thigh boots she exhibited sheer black nylon hold-ups, the sort with the sexy inviting patterns on the darker black hold-up part. Stealing a quick glance at Her Magnificent outfit, he quickly realised that was exactly what She wanted him to do at that precise moment. She wanted him on ‘edge’. Fearful. And he realised instantly that She knew that just one glance at Her in that outfit would make him like putty in Her hands. She knew he would do anything for Her now.

For an hour he sat in the correct position at his Mistress’s PVC boot clad feet, while She enjoyed some food that had been prepared by Mistress Angelique’s kitchen slaves, and while the other Mistresses ‘creatures’ performed their various ‘party pieces’. Mainly it was male cock-sucking and forced-bi, although one exhibition was particularly well received by the Mistresses when a ‘slave creature’ was forced to suck another slave’s cock while a further ‘slave creature’ fucked him up the arse and yet a further one came all over his face. Outwardly he was calm, or appeared calm, - he knew to show otherwise would not please his Mistress and he would be punished accordingly for embarrassing Her in front of the other Mistresses. And he knew the severest part of his punishment was not that he would be ‘given’ to elisabeth as her toilet slave and as her toy, but that he would never be allowed in his Mistresses Magnificient Radiant Presence again, and would never again be allowed even the briefest glimpse of Her Superb Beauty. Inwardly though, he was in torment for fear of failure and of letting his Mistress down when it was his turn to perform. Furthermore, he had very little idea just what part of his training it was that his Mistress was going to demonstrate as “a new innovation”, as She put it to the other Mistresses when they arrived. he guessed it had something to do with his wearing his silk panties and bra, and underneath his panties he still wore his chastity device. But he had worn that now for the 15 months since Madam had it fitted on him, although he assumed that as She had not removed it that evening, or more exactly not had elisabeth remove it, then it couldn’t be anything to do with punishment of his cock and balls that constituted this “new innovation” of his Mistress.

And then, it was his turn. His Mistress unhooked his ankle-lead from Her thigh boot ankle ring and as the room fell silent and the other 9 Mistresses watched attentively - even as some of them stroked each others breast and between their legs – She leaned down from the chaise lounge at just the right angle for him to be offered a brief glance down her magnificent cleavage as she placed Her latex covered hand on his throat, turned his head towards Her, stared menacingly into his terror stricken eyes and softly but firmly said “your turn creature. Crawl to the centre of the room and wait for My commands. Do not let Me down or embarrass Me or you will not only never be in My Presence again, but will firstly feel the rath of hell upon your useless body. Remember, you are Mine! You belong to ME! you are on the training programme I choose to give you for only one reason – to earn Me money and to give ME pleasure. You will do both here tonight and you will demonstrate how good I am at what I do, or I will destroy you and throw you to elisabeth who will gladly cut of your balls and keep you with her other living toilet papers, piss drinkers and shit-eaters.”

As he crawled to the centre of the room he was visibly shaking and the other Mistresses had all seen and heard the fearful softly spoken tirade his Mistress had just delivered to him. They were so impressed they gave Her a round of applause, and he heard two of them, who were now both carefully, slowly and deliberately in full view of the whole room massaging each other’s clitoris, say “God She’s good. Look, he’s shaking. He’s scared shitless. This looks like it is going to be great”. And that seemed to arouse them even more as they struggled between entwining themselves in each other, issuing painful jabs to their ‘slave creatures’ at their feet with their six inch spiked heels of their boots, and watching what “new innovation” Madam was about to have him demonstrate. he, of course, still had no idea what he was about to be commanded to do. All he knew, and could think of, was some of the training his Mistress had given him over the past 15 months during which he had been lucky enough to be permitted to serve her.

When he reached the middle of the room he was still shaking, but at least he knew to try and compose himself, and to keep his position, with his eyes fixed firmly on the floor and his head bowed and on all fours. He was also, of course, facing , or rather his body and bowed head were pointed in the direction of his Mistress. Then he heard a command from Her he had never heard before. Calmly and clearly she said “stand”. Even some of the other Mistresses were a little surprised. It was not the normal position of a ‘slave creature’ while its Mistress was seated, as it meant the Mistress was below the ‘creatures’ eye level. Tentatively and a little circumspectly he stood. Still with his head bowed though and his feet and knees tightly together.

“Right. You are going to demonstrate just what all your training for the past 15 months has been for creature”, Madam instructed him. “We are going to show My Mistress friends here just what male nipples are for, and who knows maybe you will be in for a really special treat. Something you have been waiting for for 15 months creature. Let’s see then. Remember your command words, NOW!”

he had never heard Her raise Her voice so loudly to him. Even some of the other Mistresses seemed surprised, but then they became more excited as they realised just how angry Madam could become and what that would mean for him. A chance maybe to witness firsthand for their pleasure the extreme total destruction and humiliation of a creature. This sent the two Mistresses who were pleasuring each other completely over the edge into spasmodic and seemingly endless orgasm, much to the other Mistresses pleasure and amusement, not least because as one of them climaxed She purposefully ground Her six inch steel spiked boot heel deep into Her ‘creature’s’ ball sack. His moans only increased Her climax and She stretched Her fine firm body in complete perfect ecstasy and drove Her spiked steel boot heel straight into its penis shaft. The ‘creature’ passed out, and the ‘creature’ of the other Mistress’s involved in the orgasm‘ was immediately ordered to “suck its cock to bring it round”.

But his mind was wandering as he stood there waiting for his Mistress’s command. And that was not a good thing. Concentrate he told himself, just as he heard her voice command “tits”. For a split second he hesitated, and the other Mistresses cheered as instantly seeing his hesitation Madam immediately reached down from the chaise lounge, picked up from alongside it the bull whip she had arrived with, and in almost one movement with a flick of her wrist cracked it six times in quick succession across the cheeks of his arse that protruded from the black silk pink frilled panties, each time firmly instructing him “tits”. he desperately tried to stop himself from lurching forward as the bullwhip curled itself around his lower body and cracked across his arse perfectly each time. he knew that to move his position without permission would mean certain disaster. After the first crack across his arse he fleetingly thought that the best thing to do might be to assume the position he usually knew to take up when The Mistress was issuing him with a beating. But he quickly thought that any deliberate movement to, for example, bend over and clasp his ankles might be taken by his Mistress as an attempt to avoid the whip. he felt a searing hot pain across his arse, which was on the point of splitting completely open, and a small tear ran down his cheek as the sixth stroke hit him. he knew from a limited experience of his own with the Mistress, and from being forced to watch other slaves of Hers punished with Her bullwhip, that She was a complete expert with it and could easily, should She wish to, rip his body completely apart with it with just 3 more strokes. The tear running down his cheek was not though from the pain of the whip. He was used to more. After all it was the way the Mistress had initially broken him. Then he had gone from weeping and breaking down from the pain of the whips and canes She had used on him, to weeping through craving for the pain that She inflicted upon him from the whips. He had learned to crave it because it pleased Her and reminded him that he belonged to Her. That is why he could never leave Her, he would not be able to stand not experiencing the pain and not giving Her the pleasure from his pain. And when She had brought him to Her bull-whip he knew he was completely lost. She was an expert. Whether it was the full crack of the middle of the bull-whip or the excruciating pain She was able to engender from just catching him with the very tip of it from ten paces, he knew when he ‘graduated’ (as She put it) to that he was lost. Once, in a session that gave Her so much pleasure he thought She actually had an orgasm while whipping him, She managed to cut out the letter ‘A’ across his back with the tip of Her bull-whip and as his blood from the patterned letter on his back trickled down She let out a low moan of ecstasy and proceeded to delight in showing him the blood stained bullwhip while he was still shackled to the whipping post, and then wiping the blood across his face while softly, slowly and deliberately whispering in his ear “Mine. Your Mine now. To do just what I like with”.

So, no, this tear was not from pain. It was from the danger of humiliatingly letting his Mistress down, embarrassing her at the very start of the ‘demonstration’. But She wasn’t letting him off so easily. After the sixth crack of the bullwhip, and the sixth “tits” order, She grabbed a lump of his hair, yanked him back in to the upright position, purposefully strode around in front of him, put Her latex covered right index finger under his chin and pushed his head up to face Her. She, of course, towered a good 10 inches above him. She was almost six foot tall without Her thigh boots on, and with Her 8 inch thigh boot heels of that night She was a good six foot plus. At five foot ten, in bare feet, and wearing a silk and frilly trimmed bra and pants he was completely subservient to Her. he heard the murmured expectations of an impending ‘kill’ from the other Mistresses as he again began to tremble with fear as for what seemed like an eternity, but was only in reality about 20 seconds, She stared intently down into his face.

“Think, you fucking shit-brained cumslut” She drummed into his face. “Think what you’ve learned, what I’ve trained you to do, or else you’ll be drinking cold cum from the condoms of My other slaves and living on eating dog-shit and drinking dog piss for the rest of your useless fucking life! First I’ll let every one of these Mistresses punish you hard for embarrassing Me, and then each and all of their ‘slave creatures’ will fuck you, and then I’ll crate you up, sell you and ship you off to some godforsaken hell-hole to spend the rest of your life servicing and toilet-slaving some fucking smelly fat big-arsed guy! Tits! What do you think that means cumslut? Remember!”

he never even blinked. he knew better than to even let out a breath. The whole room – Mistresses and ‘slave creatures’ – was now fully focussed on him. Madam eventually, after another minute of intense staring, turned on her 8-inch heels and slowly walked back to Her seat. Crossing Her legs and making herself comfortable, as he lowered his eyes and head to their proper position once more, She said “right cumslut, let’s try again.” And after a deliberate pause and around 30 seconds silence, she repeated deliberately, softly and forcefully “tits!”

The atmosphere in the room was electric. Now 5 of the other Mistresses had become so excited and ‘turned-on’ by Madam’s demonstration of power, and the possible complete destruction of a ‘slave creature’ before their eyes, that they were all heavily entwined stroking various parts of each others bodies, distributing various forms of pain to their ‘slave creatures’, as well as keeping their eyes firmly fixed on Madam and her ‘slave creature’ in the middle of the room.

This time though he did not hesitate. he instantly reached up and pulled each of the shoulder straps on his black silk pink frilled under wired bra down over his shoulders, and then pulled each of his breasts out of the tightly fitted cups of the bra so as to expose each nipple. There was an audible gasp from all the Mistresses in the room, followed by an instant question to Madam from Mistress Angelique. “Have You had the ‘creature’ have implants dear?” Her questions came, as did the gasps from the other Mistresses, from the fact that he was now exhibiting as fine a pair of breasts as many women could wish for, not to mention nipples the size of the top of a man’s thumb and looking firm and hard. Also, over the top of his bra he exhibited a superb cleavage. Now, at last, Madam was smiling, and the Mistresses who weren’t playing with each other were now getting very agitated and excited on their own in their seats.

“No, no implants. It’s all the ‘creatures’ own body, but with my training, of course” was Madam’s response. “Just My own highly intensive breast and nipple development programme. But that’s just the starter and ‘taster’ ladies. That’s not my ‘new innovation’. There’s more to come, now we’ve sorted its brain out. In fact, it is its real brain, three foot lower down its body that this is about.”

Three of the Mistresses got up from their seats and came over to feel and squeeze his breasts, firstly, of course, asking Madam’s permission. “Of course”, She told them. “Feel free. But please don’t touch its nipples at this stage. They are needed for later, in a moment”.

Now, he knew what was coming. It wasn’t exactly going to be unpleasant, but it would be a demonstration that would leave him completely dehumanised. And, of course, he hoped he would not let his Mistress down and be able to complete the demonstration without any further embarrassment to Her.

Once the three Mistresses had poked and prodded his breasts, and satisfied themselves they were real, they returned to their seats, with a knowing look at their ‘creature slaves’, who all had complete fear in their eyes at seeing their Mistresses desire for real breasts and realising they would be next for Madam’s breast and nipple development programme.

Now he stood there upright, with his breasts exhibited over his black silk pink frilled bra, and waited. An expectant silence descended on the room again, except for the ecstatic moans of the various Mistresses pleasuring one another from watching Madam’s demonstration.

Then the next command came, and again he reacted instantly. Without any hesitation, except for what he knew he was allowed to say … “Thank You Mistress”. Madam raised Her thigh booted legs up on to the chaise lounge, turned her lower body slightly so that Her Superb tightly red latex clad Arse was parallel to the seat and exhibited a Magnificent contour, and while fixing Her gaze on him in the middle of the room, gave him the order “nipples and Arse”.

After the “Thank You Mistress” he reached up, grabbed his large firm nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and began to rhythmically squeeze and pull them. He was clearly in some pain as they were obviously extremely sensitive and sore from months of pegs and nipple clamps, but he was also experiencing some great pleasure as he gave out occasional noises from the back of his throat and his lower body began to writhe and contort.

As She gave out another smile, and as though he did not exist, Madam explained what was happening to the other Mistresses. “the ‘creature’ has been on a nipple development programme since it became Mine 15 months ago. First of all it was nipple clamps for an hour a day for a week, then two hours for a week and so on. Now it is up to 10 hours a day, and I think that is probably enough, but I am quite interested to see just how big its nipples can be made naturally through this programme. As well as hardening the nipples and making them extremely sensitive, it has also extended them, as for part of the period the nipple clamps and pegs have been applied they have been pulled systematically by motorised pulleys. The ‘creature’ now, of course, finds its nipples are highly sensitive, and it loves to play with them, much to my amusement. But, 6 months ago I realised there was another possibility as a side effect to this treatment – the production of an erection. So, I introduced a psychological training programme alongside the nipple and breast development, and now the only way it can get an erection is by playing with and squeezing its own nipples – and, of course, as well as experiencing some pleasure it is also very painful for ‘it’. So, there is a pain/pleasure connection in its brain, plus I get to see it experiencing complete pain administered by itself and I have to do absolutely nothing except command and sit back and watch. Oh, except for the fact that I found out very early on in its training with me that it is totally fixated on Women’s Arses. Hence my command, and it grabs its nipples and as You can see is staring completely at My arse – its zoned out on My arse, in another world at the moment – and after all, it knows that despite the pain from its punishment of its own nipples it cannot give up the limited opportunity to stare at My Superb Arse.”

While The Mistress was explaining he just was, indeed, staring at Her Arse intently and all the while frantically painfully squeezing his own large firm nipples. Increasingly though he began to rub his legs together, and this induced Mistress Angelique to enquire of Madam “but surely it will eventually have an orgasm, judging by the way its reacting, and We don’t allow that do We, unless We get some amusement or benefit from it?”

“Ah, but that’s the beauty of it”, Madam explained. “ Now, after all the training, it can only get an erection by squeezing and pulling its own nipples, and inflicting pain upon itself. It can’t even get an erection by playing with someone else’s nipples. I tested that out by letting it play with one of My slave girl’s nipples. Amazing! Its prick was completely dead. Nothing happened, until it played with its own nipples again. So, yes, it has a total connection between its nipples, pain and an erection – pain and pleasure. But you see, it can’t get an erection now, or most of the time, because it has a chastity device fitted permanently, except if I choose to remove it as I have the key. Initially I tried a couple of experiments. I strapped it down tightly to My punishment bench of course, and then let it ‘nipple wank’ without the chastity device on. It got an almost instantaneous huge erection and was on the verge orgasm, but it knows it cannot come without My permission, so when it asked I just said no and told it to stop ‘nipple wanking’. it nearly passed out with frustration. Then I refitted the chastity device. It will keep on going now here, trying to get itself an erection and to an orgasm, for as long as We want it to and find it amusing. It is convinced it can get an erection, which of course is not possible in the chastity device that I fitted. In a few minutes it will ask for permission to come, start pleading, because it thinks it is about to, and of course, I will say no. it has worn the chastity device for 15 months now, and has not had an orgasm or come in all that time. I ‘milk it’, of course, once a month. I have an electro probe that I lube up and put up its arse as far as the prostate, with a strap around its balls, and there is a connection between the two through two electrodes. The probe then milks the prostate. It’s quite fun to find the highest possible electric charge, and of course, the ‘creature’ feels no climax or pleasure, and in fact is quite humiliated seeing its juices seeping out of its flaccid cock while still in the chastity device, and without any orgasm or pleasure whatsoever. It makes it even more docile, placid and subservient.”

At that point the pleading started. his squeezing and pulling of his nipples was now almost frantic, as was the constant leg movement and rubbing together of them. his eyes were rolling in his sockets and his head was thrown right back. he was sweating profusely as he barely uttered a “please may I come? Please Mistress, please may I come?” The other Mistresses were transfixed. Madam was unmoved, but instead of issuing an instant “no” She decided to play with him a little more. Her only response was “wait, I am explaining to my friends”. he looked as if he was going to pass out from frustration, but he knew that to disobey Her and come would be too terrible to contemplate. Such insubordination, lack of respect, and failure to follow Her basic rule of training – that She controlled every one of his bodily functions and fluids – would mean certain banishment at any time, let alone if he did it in front of Her Mistress friends. Her disgust for him, were he to do that here, would be completely degrading, humiliating and too much to bear.

She continued Her explanation. “Now, where was I? Oh yes, so its only connection with an erection is through the pain it inflicts on itself through its nipples. And of more general benefit in this process ladies is that We don’t have to do anything, just operate the nipple and breast enhancement programme. We don’t have to watch ‘the creature’ playing with its filthy tool, or even have it touch it for it to get erect. it simply touches and squeezes its nipples – not that We want to allow it to get erect or have an orgasm anyway, but We can control it and use it for Our pleasure and Our control. And of course, it understands, has learnt, that it always has to wear a bra and panties, no matter where it is. To have it kneel before Me in a lovely bra with its fine cleavage and tits protruding in front of it, with its large nipples straining against the bra, does, indeed, give Me an unbelievable, indescribable feeling of power.” She broke off Her explanation with an “excuse Me one minute ladies, this is where it gets even more interesting. It usually does after about 20 minutes.”

he was now almost frantically pulling and squeezing his nipples, almost pulling them off as they got bigger and bigger, and he appeared at least to be on the verge of an enormous explosive orgasm, even though he could not possibly have had an erection inside his chastity device. He was swaying from side to side frantically trying to get an erection and to the point of coming, much to the amusement of the other Mistresses. When he heard the Mistress stop talking he decided to try just once more. “Please Mistress, please, an orgasm. Please give me permission to come Mistress.” As he asked Her once more tears flooded down his face.

She moved Her body slightly, placed one of Her latex gloved hands on Her Superb Arse and slowly twice rubbed it up and over the Magnificent mound that were the cheeks of Her Arse, while softly murmuring “mmm …. Arse”. his eyes almost popped out of their sockets and he looked as if his body was going to explode right then and there. She smiled sweetly at him, and just at the point where he thought all his dreams were going to come true She uttered a very firm “No! Stop!” Instantly he stopped and gasped for air as he uncontrollably sobbed. “Now”, She added. “That was 6 pleas to come and you know what that means fuck-wit don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress” he uttered through his continuing sobbing.

“What? What does it mean then you useless turd brain? Tell My Gorgeous Friends. Speak up. NOW!” She deliberately screamed at him at the top of Her voice and he completely broke down sobbing uncontrollably, realising he had displeased Her, but at least managing to remain upright. But even that was not enough for Her. “What are you doing still on your feet cumslut? Assume the position, before I come over there and beat you into it for two solid hours! And answer my fucking question NOW dickhead. Six please, what does that mean!” She was really working him over, and the other Mistresses were fully appreciative of a real expert in ‘creature control’ at work.

“It means 6 more months before my release from chastity and until I’m allowed to come Mistress. Thank You Mistress”.

“Good. That’s right. So, with the other times its happened, that’s 3 years from now then”, She promised him.

“Yes, thank You Mistress”, he uttered through his sobs, completely servile and broken, so much so that it drew a round of applause from the other Mistresses, and a look of utter and total horror from the other ‘creature slaves’, who now knew what awaited them soon.

“You are too kind” Madam told the other Mistresses, “but I think You will all find My method useful. And there are plenty of things You can add to it. For example, the ‘creature’ knows that when I say “nipples” it can play with itself, or at least, its nipples, and because it thinks it gets some pleasure from the pain and that there is always the hope it will be allowed to get to orgasm, it never hesitates. Sometimes it will keep going for an hour, for my amusement of course, but even though it can never get an erection or come it will not give up hope. Until finally it will just break down and sob, like tonight. Then I play another game. I put its head in my lap, stroke its hair for a couple of very brief moments, promise it that one day it will be allowed to come – which of course it will not – and then when the couple of minutes is up I tell it that its reward is to go down on me and I simply lean down and whisper in its ear “pleasure me, NOW!”. Then I have it go down on me for an hour or sometimes even two hours. It is a wonderful feeling of total control, orgasm deprivation for it and total unlimited orgasms for Me. In fact, knowing the creature cannot orgasm because I control it and will not allow it, and that I have complete power over it and it exists only to give Me constant pleasure, gives Me even greater orgasms. Then when I’ve finished coming over and over I tell it that I will add a week to its chastity period for every orgasm I have had in that time. The best I’ve had was 10 in an hour and 16 in two hours. I felt great. The ‘creature’ was completely exhausted, and was like a marshmallow. I felt so good that all I wanted to do was administer a good discipline session on it, so I got its whip training up to 250 lashes that day. That was the day I gave it My ‘A’ mark ” across its back with the tip of my bull-whip. If You look closely You can still see the outline of the scar across its back.”

One more glass of champagne - during which all the Mistresses agreed that Madam’s demonstration and “new innovation” had indeed been the best one of the evening and they couldn’t wait to try it out on their own ‘creatures’ – and the Mistresses started to say their goodbyes. Having regained some composure after his ordeal Madam’s ‘creature’ waited in his proper position at her feet. As She stood to say Her goodbyes and kiss Her Mistress friends, he quickly attached his ankle-lead to Her ankle thigh boot ring. Head bowed and all fours he then finally heard the command “walk”, and The Mistress made Her way out of Mistress Angelique’s mansion proud of Her night’s work and tuition. he thought that he had done well after the shaky start, and he hoped She thought likewise, although of course there was no possible way he would dare to ask Her. his composure and confidence, smugness even, was soon destroyed completely though when The Mistress reached the car and elisabeth reached down to unfasten his ankle lead and deposit him in the boot.

“No. No, elisabeth my sweet”, Madam told her. it will ride in the front with you, at your feet of course. it embarrassed me at the beginning of My exhibition. So, it’s yours for a month, to do what you will with it. I have some rules of course. It keeps its chastity device on, and of course it doesn’t come. But it did draw some approval for its tits, and it loves playing with its nipples, so I’m sure you can do something with it and keep its nipple development programme going. And let Me know if it plays up at all, because if it does I don’t want it back. Then it will know it will have to behave with you, or it will never be in My Presence again.”

He was horrified, as elisabeth eagerly bundled him into the front foot well of the car, offering him a “well, well, Mine eh. All Mine …. Mmmm. Do you like shit and piss cumslut? you’ll love mine and those of My other piss and shit slaves! The only taste your tongue is going to experience for the next month is cum, shit and piss. you’ll live on it!” And then she asked The Mistress, “can I use it to earn me some extra money Mistress please?”

“Yes, of course, that’s partly what the tit and nipple development programme was for dear”, Madam reminded her. “And it’s only 12.30., why don’t We take it down to the docks road now and see what it can raise for you tonight?” Mistress suggested. “I could do with some more entertainment and I’m sure they’ll be some scum male creatures down there eager to fuck it up the arse for a reasonable sum of money.”

“Excellent. Thank you Mistress” the young nubile chauffeur replied, adding to the ‘creature’, “smarten yourself up shit-eater. Pump up your tits and get them out, your gonna get fucked up the arse by some smelly hairy arsehole down in the docks and earn me some money. And you’d better get used to it, you’re gonna be down there every night for a month while I’ve got you. After the next two days of course, when I’m taking you to have that necklace of mine sorted and your balls cut off, and I get you properly ‘cleaned out’. Squeeze your nipples wanker, it’s the only pleasure your gonna get for a while, at least until you find you crave a big dick up your arse – which of course you will come to do”, she told him with a smile.

With that the Mistress learned forward from the back seat as elisabeth prepared to drive off and turned the young girls head, telling her that She had trained her well, followed by a soft kiss, and loud enough so he could hear The Mistress told elisabeth “My bed tonight dear. It’s time for You to share My bed and My joys, while the ‘creature’ is shackled in its cage in the corner listening to what it can never have”.

My latest, hooded sissy maid:

One of My slaves recieving electrical training:

My sissy slave ross,
still unworthy to wear ladies panties except on his head:

My rubber slave cleaning My heels

TV schoolgirl slut Jenny
THIS is what you get when you cheat in your French exam!

slave derek - now THIS I enjoyed!:

My sissy maid Bambi:

One of My slut bitches:

what a lucky slave boy:

slave lee:

slave alan:

slave stuart:

A story from slave jay

I arrived on time at 2.30 sharp, I was quite nervous but also very excited about our first meeting. You answered the door, greeting my warmly.
‘Hello julian, do come in’
‘Thank you’ I replied as stepped inside.
Your dressed normally in a pair of trousers and a blouse, although you still look gorgeous, you catch my eye wandering over you body and smile.
‘How was your journey?’ you inquired 
‘Fine thank you…er’
‘Yes?’ you look at me quizzically
‘Sorry I’m just not sure how to address you’
You smile, and look into my eyes; I fidget a little under your gaze reddening slightly
‘Oh, I think you should start to call me mistress now don’t you’
I nod my agreement
‘Good boy’ ’Now can I offer you anything to drink or eat?’
‘No I’m fine thank you mistress, I’m a bit too nervous to eat!’
You let out a little laugh ‘Good, then I can start making some use of you’
‘Go up stairs and enter the first room on your right’
‘Once your there remove your clothes and wait for me…on your knees slave’
‘At once mistress’
‘Good boy’

I quickly go upstairs, my mind spinning, hardly able to believe that this is all happening. As ordered I remove all my clothes, and get on my knees. My excitement is evident which makes me a little embarrassed, however as ordered I wait on my knees position in anticipation.

After about 10 minutes I’m beginning to wonder what has happen, I go over what was said, trying to figure out if I was in any way out of line, even my excitement, so obvious five minutes ago, is now on the wane.

Suddenly you enter the room, your wearing black high heels, hold-up stockings and a tight black leather dress which seems to enhance your ample and beautiful bosom. You notice the relief flash across my face as you enter, you also notice me taking you in – my eyes wide with desire. You smile, noticing my once again excited state.

‘You weren’t getting bored waiting for me were you slave?’
‘No mistress’ I quickly reply 
‘Good boy, if I want you to wait you will…and I’m sure you’ll agree I’m worth it won’t you slave?’ you say in a saccharine tone.
‘Yes mistress, more than worth it’ I stammer
‘Good, now let’s get started, put your hands behind your back slave’ you order
I do as I’m told, you walk around so you’re behind me, bend down and slip a pair of hand cuffs over my wrists, tightly closing them. I can feel your breasts against my back, suddenly I feel your lips brush over my ear, I feel your breath on my neck
‘Your mine now, slave’ you softly whisper.

You return to standing in front of me, you extend one of your feet which you gently slide up and down my shaft – I let out a small groan. You remove your foot
‘Now slave would you like to kiss your mistresses feet?’
I nod and stammer ‘yes mistress’
‘Good well go on then slave’
I lean forward, nearly losing balance; with my head bowed I reverently place a gentle kiss on each of your feet.
‘Good boy’ you purr
I straighten a little so I’m back on my knees before you
‘Now I would like you to kiss my arse slave’ as you say this you turn around so your facing away from me, you bend over slightly so your beautiful behind is at the right height. Again I reverently place a gentle kiss on each of your cheeks.
You turn around again, giggling. You gently stroke my face, 
‘It’s so nice to have a guy quite literally kissing my arse’ you say softly, with a slightly mocking tone.

You walk over to the bed on the other side of the room and sit on the edge.
‘Stay where you are slave, and watch’
You open your legs giving me a great view; you begin to masturbate yourself with your right hand. You notice my gaze, locked onto your hand as if hypnotised by it. 
Once you are satisfied you’ve got my attention you lay back…
After some time you sit up and look over at me, my excitement is obviously apparent, I look at you with pleading eyes
‘Not yet slave’ you tell me
You get up from the bed and walk back over to me. You wipe your hand under my house and then push your fingers into my mouth – 
In a soft voice you say ‘Taste your mistress’ you work your fingers in and out of my mouth until they are clean, ‘good boy’

‘Please may I come mistress?’ I plead
You look at me with mock-shock, ‘does my slave wish to come?’ 
‘Yes please mistress’
‘Well slave, that is a gift you have to earn, and I don’t think you’ve earned it yet do you?’
Your eyes stare down at me, unable to hold your gaze I look to the floor and murmur ‘No mistress’
‘That’s right my slave, and now you will have to be punished for your insolence’
‘Aren’t I a kind mistress to teach you so well slave?’ you ask sternly, but with a twinkle of humour in your eye.
‘Yes mistress’ 
‘Good boy, now go over to the bed, but don’t stand up’
I struggle over to the bed on my knees
‘Lay your upper body on the bed slave….so that your arse sticks out’
I do as I’m told
‘Lift your arse higher slave’
I feel you hand softly caress my behind, ‘Now hold tight slave’
I feel a whip being run down my back and then suddenly whack!
You begin to flog me with the whip; I make some small moans as you tan my hide vary soft caresses with harsh hits.
Once your satisfied that I have been punished you again softly stroke my now very red behind. ‘Now slave back on your knees, just in front of the bed here’
As ordered I lift myself off the bed and return to my knees, you sit on the bed just in font of me. You place a hand on the back of head pulling me toward you
‘Now pleasure me, my slave’
I gently kiss the inside of your thighs working my way up..
‘Lick me slave’ you order
I begin to lick you as ordered, softly and slowly to begin with, but I feel your hand on the back of head, pushing me into you, I begin to lick harder and faster.
Once I have satisfied you, you release me.
I sang visibly, a little worn out by my exertion.

After a couple of minutes rest you lift my chin with your foot and purr ‘I’m not quite finished with you slave’
‘Get back onto the bed…on all fours’
I sense your movement behind me, suddenly I feel something cold being rubbed into my behind. This stops as suddenly as it started, from my position on the bed I try to glance behind me, you notice me straining to see what your doing
‘Curious slave?’ you ask innocently;
Your on the bed behind me fastening a strap-on; you smile at me wickedly
‘I take this is the first time someone has used one of these on you?’
‘Yes mistress’ I answer, my voice giving away my nerves
‘Don’t worry slave I’ve used plenty of lubricant’
With that you move out of sight, I feel you holding onto my hips – the strap-on pushes into me. I let out a small groan, moving slightly away from you.
‘Hold still slave’ you tighten your grip on me, pulling me back on to you.

Once your satisfied you have me were you want me you begin to move your hips, I again let out a moan. You pull the hair on the back of head gently, my back arches a little. You lean down so you can whisper into my ear.
‘Do you like this slave?’ you ask as you pump in and out of me
I groan, 
‘Tell me that you like your mistess to f**k you slave’ you tease
‘Say it’
I stammer a little, finally getting out..
‘I love my mistress to f**k me..’
‘Good boy’ you say with a satisfied tone
Your hand slides under my body, you stroke my chest and run your hand down my flat stomach to my groin. You begin to tease me sexually, you can feel how hard I’m am and how much I need to come.
‘I think your ready slave’
‘Yes mistress’ I say, not really understanding what I’m agree to.

You gently pull out of me,
‘Roll onto your back slave’
I do so quickly, you unfasten the strap on. Looking me straight in the eye you unzip your dress. You quickly straddle me.
I gasp as you slide down onto me; you’re so hot it burns. You begin to gyrate your hips, you reach forward twisting my nipples as you gyrate above me, a cruel but pleasurable look on your face. I finally come, letting out a slight cry as I do so.
‘Did you enjoy that slave?’ you ask
I can only nod in reply…..

The end