Dear Mistress Alaya

I know you are very busy and this e-mail is just full of pointless sentiment so please don't feel you need to read it, but I had a dream about you last night which I hope might entertain you.

In it I had been summoned by you as your personal physician much in the same way the queen might summon her royal physician. Upon my arrival I was shown through to your parlour room by your butler who instructed me to wait. Nothing could have prepared me for what walked through the door. You stood looking absolutely gorgeous. You had on a tight black pencil line skirt, black stockings, shiny black high healed leather knee boots, a white silk blouse which was partially unbuttoned revealing the top of a black lace bra. I tried to maintain a professional attitude. I was incredibly nervous, intimidated by how stunningly beautiful you looked. I dared not look at you, you only occasionally looking up from the floor to meet your gaze before staring at the floor again. As I looked up from the flood I tried not to allow my gaze to linger too long on your long smooth slim stocking clad thighs, your perfectly manicured painted nails that clung to your feminine hips, your tiny waist, your ample cleavage framed beautifully by the top of your black lacy bra, your nipples as the protruded through your blouse and shirt, your prominent collar bones, your long slim neck, your lush full lips or your long wild hair. I tried to maintain eye contact only, but even your eyes were so piercing I couldn't hold your gaze for more than a second.

You told me that you needed a medical massage after pulling a muscle disciplining one of your slaves.

You disappeared behind a screen and began to undress. I could see you remove all but your lingerie in a mirror in the corner of the room.

You caught me looking and chastised me for it as you explained the conditions upon I was to work. I was to remove my clothes and have your new electrodes connected to me. You would lie down on the bed face down as I was to treat you. I was under no circumstances to become aroused. I was to use sterile latex gloves and lavender massage oil whilst administering the treatment. Should I fail to comply I would be electrocuted.

I quickly agreed to your instructions.

I was disrobed completely. As I did it was obvious I was already very excited. 'We will have to get rid of that before we start' you spanked my bare bottom most severely until my bottom glowed red, gave off lots of heat and my erection subsided. 'now we can begin'

I was instructed to get ready for the procedure so I scrubbed my hands and put on a surgical gown, surgical mask, surgical cap and the softest latex gloves. I was then wired up by you, squeezing the electrode clips as you applied them to quash any residual twitches I was feeling and ensure I was not aroused. I was then instructed to begin.

You lay out before me in just your underwear. I applied some lavender oil. Very gently I began to massage your shoulders. The latex was soft and glided over your softer flawless olive skin. Starting between your shoulders I systematically worked my way from between your scapulae, to your shoulders, up your neck, then down your back. Beginning in very small circles which grew ever larger and ever firmer. You could sense I was becoming aroused. I was desperately trying to think of other things, anything, but it was no use. You reached for the controls and administered a mild shock. 'Thank you Mistress' the shock had controlled that which I could not.

I recommenced the massage. Your bra strap was beginning to get in the way. Timidly I asked if I might be permitted to undo it. You were enjoying your massage so much you permitted me to do so. I undid the clasp and the bra sprung open revealing your naked back and the sides of your ample breasts. I needed several much larger much more painful shocks to rid me of my filthy lustful thoughts before I was allowed to continue. This went on for about an hour before I gained the confidence to request 'Mistress Alaya, may I be permitted to massage your bottom?'

You agreed. I began by caressing the firm smooth cheeks of your perfectly formed buttocks. Keeping each hand firmly on each cheek. I began massaging it more firmly in a circular motion, revealing your tightly closed anus more clearly. Kneeling between your legs I can, in addition to your cute little anus see your plump full labia. As I massage your bottom the labia part and come together, part and come together. The firmer I massage the more your anus is stretched. I apply more massage oil to your bottom. A big droplet runs between your cheeks and comes to rest over your anus. It is just as well you have your eyes closed and can't see how thick and hard I've become. I then allow my thumbs to glance over your anus. Waiting for your chastisement you say nothing. I begin to massage your external anal sphincter. Circling it, pressing it just firmly enough to allow it to gape slightly. As it gapes I am drawn closer to it. You can feel my breath on your now wet and well lubricated sphincter. I'm massaging it with my two index sphincters now, it is almost constantly gaping open. I slip just the tip of my finger into your anus and begin massaging your internal anal sphincter. to my surprise you raise your bottom slightly to allow slightly deeper exploration. Gently I keep massaging it in a slow circular motion. I gradually replace my finger with my thumb, then my tongue. Your bottom tastes so good.

My other hand starts massaging your inner thigh. reaching further and further forward and upwards, massaging the top of the front of your thigh. My forearm begins to slowly brush against your labia and enlarged clitoris. At this stage I woke up and despite several attempts to go back to sleep and continue the dream I'm thus far been unsuccessful.

I hope you don't mind my sharing these thoughts with you, I'm just very excited about meeting you


Here are a selection of emails sent to Me after sessions:

Hello Mistress,

Thank you very much for my new experience tonight, you were as good as I had hoped for and more, you completely captivated me with your beauty and I could have fallen into your drop dead sexy eyes for a swim in their paradise, you were as I described delicious.

As well as having the utmost respect for you I think under different social circumstances I could have completely fallen for you as well, I prefer the toy-boy scenario anyway and you are a lovely person, apologies if I let that show tonight but when I like something I have to have it. I think the cheeky kiss while I distracted you by looking up may have shown that. You were to gorgeous not to have tried it anyway.

I was on such a high when I left thinking about you and the session that I nearly had two accidents with a hedge and a field due to lack of concentration!

It is a shame that you are going away as I am sure I would have revisited, perhaps in another life, place or destination far away.

Either way I wish you all the best of luck and happiness with your new venture even a Mistress deserves that and should you ever return please do not hesitate to call me.


Completely Yours

Slave Jack, Aka Toyboy Jack

Dear Mistress Alaya,

I just wanted to write a few words about our session at the weekend, while all the feelings and sensations are still fresh. So below isn’t really a review but more of an attempt to encapsulate the whole experience. I’m sort of letting my mind flow as it comes out, so I hope it makes sense!

As I entered the room you were every bit as enchanting as I remembered. Your face, so stunning, a clear complexion with prominent cheekbones, mischievous eyes, full lips, completed by a wry smile. Golden hair draped across your shoulder. Smooth buttery skin with a deep tan, a crisp white shirt opened to reveal an enticing cleavage. A silky red skirt barely covering your bottom. Long luscious legs. What could be more titillating?

You begin by dressing me in the correct attire for all your sissies. Stocking and suspenders, a frilly nightdress and a pair of your worn panties. ‘My arse has been in those panties sissy’. How could anyone fail to get a rush of pleasure knowing this?

Being placed on my knees then ordered to lick your jet-black stilettos was a perfect way to begin a session. I can still taste that cold shiny spike on the tip of my tongue.

I sit up so that my face is directly opposite your pussy. ‘Sniff my panties’ you order. Your voice so sensual and erotic.

I start to gently run my nose up and down your crouch inhaling your exquisite panties and savouring your delicious scent. Already my head was tingling and my cock was throbbing.

What joy it was to then immerse myself in between your legs, nibbling and gnawing on those little tufts of sun-kissed pubic hair. Running my tongue over ever little crevice. Kissing and caressing your pussy. So intoxicating. Tasting the forbidden fruit.

How exciting and humiliating for me as you told me that your last slave had cum on the side of your legs as I was licking it.

In the other room the pussy worship continued, as you begin to push harder and further, you become really moist and your juices start to trickle all over my face. The tempo rises and soon I start to loose control, my mind is taken over, sheer ecstasy. I would have done it all day, if you had wished.

Indeed I imagine one day lying on my back and be placed underneath your ‘special chair’ looking directly up as you slowly walk towards me, gently turn around and lower yourself down. I would have a perfect view of your divine ass and pussy. You then tell me that as your little sissy I must beg to clean your asshole and worship your pussy. After enough groveling you allow me and I stick my tongue out gently massage your asshole and then move on to your pussy, taking slow, unhurried licks, giving it the full attention it deserves. Anyway I’m getting carried away, perhaps another time!! Back to the session….

Your breasts so hard and at the same time so tender, sucking on your ripe nipples, with your soiled panties in my mouth.

My head was spinning, my heart was racing and adrenalin was pumping around my body. If you had ended the session there and then I would have been complete but of course there was more….

Feeling the firmness of your dildo in my mouth, as you push back and forth.

A voice so soft yet so stern, as you whisper to me ‘cock-sucking whore, dirty little sissy.’

Feeling a sharp sting as you slap me in face, reminding me that I am your little plaything, there for your amusement. So humiliating being forced to suck your cock as you make me watch myself in the mirror.

The final part, was something that all sissies know they deserve and do to please their Mistress. I lube myself up and after a while the full length of your dildo eases inside me. I start gyrating back and forth, feeling you inside of me, pleasure and pain in complete harmony. The experience is heightened by the streams of degradation you force upon me, while thrusting inside of me. ‘Sissy whore, dirty cock-sucker, little bitch’. I start to complete loose me senses ‘Little whores need cocks in their arse’ you tell me with that hypnotic tone. ‘Milk yourself for me sissy’ I start to play with myself and the humiliation continues, ‘Come for me sissy,’ ‘Come for me little whore’ I feel my orgasm build, I’m in a state of intense euphoria, ‘Come on cock-sucker, milk now’ Soon I explode. I collapse on the bed, complete’.

Well there you go, I hope you like it. It’s quite hard to get everything down in writing or to convey all the feelings and emotions.

As I said I am so happy that I got to have that experience with you. I really have to say thank you again, you have a wonderful energy about you and I am just soooooooo pleased to see you again after such a long time. I look forward to us seeing each other again for more deviant acts and fun!!

Keep all those naughty boys in line!

XXX slave guy XXX

Hi Mistress Alaya,

Just thought I'd send a quick email, just say thank you for such an excellent session on Saturday and for putting a beaming smile on my face for the complete journey back home!

As it was my first time I didn't know exactly what was going to happen (which was part of the fun), however did have certain rough ideas of what to expect, and would have to say you exceeded my expectations by about 150%!!!

Once again would have to say I was completely blown away with how stunning you looked, you have such an amazing body and also seemed like a great person and friendly to chat with to match. I did however almost let out a sneaky little giggle when I looked in the mirror and saw the height difference between us with you towering over me with your high heeled thigh boots, very dominating.

I also thought never in a million years that I would fail at completing such a simple task such as counting up to 20 (I think it was 20 !?). When you delivered those spanks, I think I may of found them to pleasurable enough for my mind to cope with which is why I kept losing count! (not sure if you realised?!).

Thanks again for an amazing experience that i'll probably remember for a long time.


Dear Mistress Alaya i have just got home & wanted to say thank you one again for a fantastic time. I was very nervous at first but soon started to relax & enjoy it more as time went on. I could not believe how beautiful you are in real life & was in heaven when you gagged me & put your panties on my head! I also enjoyed worshiping you & kissing & licking your bottom. You looked stunning & gave me exactly what i had been looking for. If there is any possibility you could e mail me the pictures you took i would really appreciate it so i can remind myself who i belong to & what a sissy my Mistress makes me into. I look forward to seeing you again & hope i have the honour of serving at your feet again Mistress. Your little Sissy Ross.

When I entered Mistress Alaya's domain she was sitting at the top of a flight of stairs. I felt deliciously inferior looking up at her majestic form. In a firm but soft voice she told me To undress and approach her. As I got to the top of the stairs Mistress stood up and I was stunned by her statuesque and very toned body, her golden hair cascading around her strikingly beautiful face and shoulders. I was soon comfortable in the presence of her easy and natural dominance. Mistress did not raise her voice or speak roughly to me but I soon fell under the spell of her authority. Mistress is also a sophisticated and intelligent woman, very well-spoken. She also has a quick sense of humour and does not take herself too seriously. I think this is a very attractive feature in a domme.

Mistress began by teasing me, allowing me to peep at her firm, round breasts. She did not invite me, and I did not dare ask, to worship them as I would have dearly loved. After this Mistress explained to me that pleasure must be balanced by pain. And so she stood me against the wall and I presented my arse to her for her to cane it. She made me count the strokes, thanking her for each one, until we reached 20. Mistress is wonderful with the cane. She uses just the right amount of force so that pleasure and pain are indeed finely and sensually balanced.

After my caning, Mistress was in the mood for a different kind of service from her slave and she presented her bottom, as firm and round as her breasts, for me to worship. I began rather nervously kissing her cheeks until I heard her say, "Have you got a tongue, boy? Yes? Well use it!" And so for several wonderful minutes I was forced to kiss and lick Mistress's sweet arse. The mixture of pleasure, shame and humiliation was delicious. Mistress seemed to particularly appreciate when I licked her with long up-and-down strokes of my tongue and when I pushed it as far as I could into her.

Mistress then returned to caning me and by now my arse was getting sore and hot. Then she ordered me to lie on my back with my eyes closed. Squatting over my face she let down a trickle of lovely warm piss which I eagerly took into my mouth. As I savored the delicious nectar I reveled in the humiliation of being used as Mistress's toilet.

After some more caning and arse licking Mistress completed the session by fucking me deliciously with her strap-on. As she thrust inside me she spanked my arse and called me slut and bitch. As I came out of her shower, Mistress had resumed her seat at the top of the stairs and I meekly descended, put on my clothes and left Mistress's divine presence.

Mistress Alaya is by far the best mistress I have ever served and I will be seeking another session with this supreme lady soon!


Dear Mistress Alaya,

I would just like to say a big thank you for a truly amazing time yesterday evening. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and cannot wait to see you again.

Thank you again for an experience I will never forget.

Regards, Your little panty sniffer

I had volunteered for a severe beating from Mistress Alaya several days before. Why? Because I am a slave and all slaves are anxious to serve their Mistresses or Masters in whatever way they can, whenever they can. It is often a painful and humiliating duty, but a good slave is always eager to please. He will perform any task without question, and will gratefully accept any treatment imposed on him.

And so I stood there: quivering, naked and vulnerable at the bottom of Her stairs. In spite of all my previous training, I was *very* scared indeed. I knew just how painful it could be serving a cruel Mistress – and believe me, no matter how often you have tasted the lash it hurts every bit as much each time.

Mistress Alaya appeared at the top of the stairs and although I knew it was wrong, I dared to raise my eyes and gazed briefly on Her sheer beauty. She is divinely gorgeous, but there was no mistaking the look of sheer contempt as She surveyed Her new possession - me. With my stomach churning I stepped up to Her as commanded and knelt. My head bowed, a collar and chain clicked ominously into place … and I was tugged roughly towards my destiny. Her sharp, beautifully fitted business suit emphasized my own nakedness whilst Her shapely curves emphasized my own ugliness. I felt totally and utterly worthless.

Obediently I dropped to all fours and began to hungrily lick Mistress's very high-heeled boots as She made Herself comfortable on the sofa. It is a perfectly natural position for a slave – kneeling at his Mistress’s feet: She towers over him, making him feeling totally vulnerable with his knees splayed wide, his naked backside pushed high up in the air and his irrelevant cock and balls dangling uselessly in the open. It is a position of total subservience that leaves the slave completely exposed and open for any kind of abuse as he licks and slurps the dirt off Her boots.

At Her command I knelt up, passed Her a cigarette and managed to light it – even though my hands were trembling badly. It was divinely humiliating to be used as Her ashtray – I savoured the hot, foul-tasting ash as She smiled down on me, blowing smoke in my face. I was even allowed to admire Mistress as she smoked – She taunted me with her magnificent semi-exposed breasts and I was encouraged to put my face so, so close to them … but of course I could not touch them. Needless to say I felt utterly worthless in the face of such beauty.

Mistress Alaya interrogated me as She enjoyed Her cigarette, and I got my face slapped several times for not answering Her questions fast enough. My cock was solid and already dribbling pre-cum ... Mistress made me lick it all up, wipe myself clean with my hands and then lick my fingers dry. It was clearly time for me to be punished for all the pleasure I had just been permitted, and She grabbed my balls roughly, clamped a clothes peg on the end of my penis, and pinched my nipples hard until I yelped. It was my first taste of pain at Her hands – and I will never forget it … my head was spinning.

I was dragged up against a large mirror and told to brace myself. Mouth tasting of ash and cum, legs trembling, nipples aching, I locked my arms and bent over … totally surrendering myself to my Mistress. The spanking commenced. I counted each blow out loud and thanked Mistress. My bottom was certainly glowing after 20 hard whacks - and I can tell you that there was no happier slave on the face of the planet at that time.

Mistress stood behind me and teased me, rubbing her tits against my back as She grabbed and fondled my balls roughly. I was Her possession now. I could barely breathe when she stood in front of me and teased me with her tits in full view. She exposed and played with her nipples, so, so very close to my mouth - she dared me to touch and I tried so hard to resist, whimpering in the face of complete female superiority. But eventually I just had to touch. I simply could not resist Her beauty any longer - I began to lick Her nipples and breasts greedily... I knew it was SO wrong … but it was also so divine.

Needless to say, Mistress was not impressed. I got slapped. Hard.

There was a distinct chill in Her voice as I was once again commanded to adopt the braced position against the mirror. I knew I had done wrong. And I knew it was time to pay. The wait seemed to last for an eternity, but eventually the paddle crashed loudly and heavily against my already battered backside. And it kept crashing down - time after time after time. Between my cries and yelps I somehow managed to call out the strokes and thank Mistress - although I did lose count once or twice, such is the effect of severe pain building up and swamping a feeble slave’s brain. Mistress Alaya was not holding back – I could feel Her putting her full force into each blow … She really meant to hurt me … and She succeeded. After 20 vicious impacts, my bottom was on fire, my brain a blur. It is almost impossible to describe the sheer agony a slave endures during such a beating … the pain builds and builds with each blow, the slave clenches his teeth and buttocks in preparation for the next impact, not knowing how many strokes his bruised and battered backside will receive … and yet he stands there, thanking his Mistress obediently as She prepares to hit him and hurt him again … and again … and again.

Her initial anger spent, Mistress finally stopped thrashing me – She left me shaking against the wall, my backside severely bruised, aching and throbbing. I was sweating and gasping for breath. When She returned, She had got changed. She no longer had her tight skirt on and was now wearing only skimpy lingerie and long black thigh length boots. She quickly removed the peg from my cock and replaced it with a full-length cock harness, which She strapped tightly into place. I was ordered to pass Her drink, kneel before Her, and light her next cigarette. What a vision! The cock harness was spiked on the inside, and I think it gave Her great pleasure making me as hard as possible. She forced me to gaze at Her as I ate Her ash - She was relaxing, smiling, after all Her exertions. When She pulled my face very close to Her pussy, the spikes were biting so cruelly into my shaft.

After Her cigarette Mistress ate some grapes - She squashed some on the floor and She laughed as I licked the floor and Her boots clean, the sticky juice smearing itself all over my face as I worked my tongue until it ached. My backside was throbbing badly, my cock was in torment, but I was in heaven at Mistress Alaya's feet.

I could not believe it when I was abruptly rolled onto my back and Mistress straddled me and smothered me with Her pussy – I was soon gasping for breath, worshipping my Mistress in the most intimate fashion through Her knickers, barely noticing the spikes digging ever deeper into my cock. I was even allowed to fondle Mistress’s breasts – so smooth, so firm, so perfect. She spat profusely onto my face and into my mouth as I did so … and I gratefully devoured all of Her fluids. I could not believe I was being so honoured – surely no slave deserves such pleasure!

But of course there was a price to pay for visiting heaven. I was initially grateful when my cock harness was released, but as I resumed the braced position stood against the wall, my stomach was churning with dread …

This time I was fiercely whipped with the cat’o’nine tails - including my cock. Mistress mocked and derided me as I whimpered and squirmed at each cut. I stammered out the count and my gratitude, whilst all the time wriggling and writhing. The leather cracked and burnt into my flesh and brain as I hopped and danced under each impact. Any slave who fantasizes about such treatment must be under no illusions – it is sheer, pure, unadulterated agony. You do not get used to it. You feel no pleasure whilst being whipped – only the overwhelming waves of pure pain that flood your entire brain as the blows rain down. And Mistress shows no mercy whatsoever … She is laughing as the whip yet again slashes into you, making you dance and scream. I was not tied down – I am a slave … I stood there and accepted this merciless torture gratefully.

After 20 or so strokes, the agony paused momentarily … but Mistress was still laughing at me as She moved in front of me to watch my tormented face as She pinched and twisted my nipples ever more ferociously. She laughed even louder as I screamed. I was completely Hers and She knew it – I would have instantly obeyed absolutely any command She issued without thought – She had demonstrated Her complete superiority and I was now in no doubt that my new Mistress owned me totally – Mistress Alaya is now in total control of me, for as many years as She finds me might find me worth bothering with.

Although I was now prepared to walk down the street stark naked behind Mistress Alaya on a collar and leash if commanded, I was quite unexpectedly treated to a great pleasure – arse-worship. Can you imagine! I was even permitted to fondle Mistress thighs, buttocks and breasts as my tongue got yet more frantic, dedicated and prolonged exercise. My blazing backside and bruised cock were temporarily forgotten as I devoutly paid homage to Her glorious rear, my nose and mouth forced into Her back cleavage as I gasped an occasional gulp of air before plunging back into paradise.

My reward for such devotion was an even more severe paddling. I could barely utter my thanks between paddle strokes, such was the pain as the leather smashed against my flesh. She was laughing so loudly as I yelped and writhed under the rain of blows. I have been beaten before, but NEVER with such ferocity as this; I could barely stand up as the 80th strike landed.

I eagerly dropped to my knees and performed yet more arse-worship, as Mistress towered over me, barking commands for me to instantly obey. But I was soon against the wall again – this time to get whipped with a thin crop - fast, stinging blows that built the pain up and up even further. I didn’t think I could take any more punishment, but I kept reminding myself that I was a slave … and a slave must suffer for his Mistress whenever required. I think I had counted to my hundredth stroke before Mistress left the room …

And my final beating was about to commence. It was with a paddle again – I suspect a heavier implement of torture than used on me up to now. I simply couldn’t count as the thrashing went on and on, I was far too busy squirming, hopping and crying. Mistress was obviously determined to break Her new slave completely, and of course She succeeded. Weeping and sobbing, I eventually just had to beg Mistress to stop. And so I am a complete failure. A dismal, broken and pathetic failure.

She asked if I wanted Her to beat me even more and draw blood … and to my eternal regret, I said: “no Mistress” … oh how I wish now I had said: “yes please Mistress”. I know I failed Her and that I had yet again demonstrated just how inferior slaves are in comparison to their Mistresses.

Shattered, I tried to wank as She commanded, but I simply couldn't cum. I was totally defeated, tears running down my face. I had to admit that I am actually a useless sissy slave who would be eager to be used and abused by Her other male slaves if it gave Her pleasure.

I was simply told to leave and buy Her some cigarettes, post them back through the letter-box and then depart. A suitably dismissive ending to my pathetic attempts at pleasing Her.

I do so hope I will be allowed the privilege of serving Mistress Alaya again – I will obey any and every command without question. I hope She wants to torture me again – even harder, if that’s possible. I will gratefully “service” any of Her slaves at a moment’s notice whenever She commands … in whatever way She commands. If She needs a body to whip in public, or for any other reason, I would leap at the chance. I now belong to Her. Completely.

Slave Derek

Good afternoon Mistress Alaya, its slave kevin here, just a quick note to say thank you for putting me in my place last week. i wanted to ask you about male chastity devices and key holding.

i did mention it briefly the day i submitted to you. can you tell me more about this "service"?  i would desire you to control my male movements and ideally make me obliged to see you every time you come to Dublin to release me at your choice if you want, but let me pay homage to you in any deviant way there is.

kindest regards and respect .... slave kevin

Hi Mistress Alaya,

Thank you for a wonderful session in Dublin recently. For a first timer you made me feel so relaxed. I'm a transvestite who was curious about domination. You looked divine in your white blouse, skirt and tights. I wore a tight top, bra, tights, mini skirt and boots.

Thank you for applying my makeup. It was great for two lesbians to sit and chat over a glass of powers before you took command.

As long as I live, I will never forget you asking me to help unzipping your skirt to reveal your tights with no panties. It was incredible to worship your legs, pussy and arsehole in those lovely nylons. I was in heaven.

The ultimate climax was seeing you put a strap-on over your tights, putting on your rubber gloves and then ordering me to take poppers as you fucked me till I climaxed.

I cannot wait to see you again. It was truly the best professional experience I've encountered. Please feel free to include this in a review

Linda xxx

Dear Mistress Alaya,

i am still thinking about what a wonderful time i had in Your presence on Saturday, i cant stop wanking myself and thinking about You. i hope You will allow me to serve You again soon mistress.

i am truly Yours

Your slave simon

Dear Mistress Alaya,

This is just thank You very much for a most enjoyable and fulfilling session on Monday. i absolutely adored submitting to You. You are everything i could wish for in a Mistress, and i hope very much it will be possible to serve You again, geography notwithstanding.

You are lovely to look at, have a fabulous body (Those lips! Those legs!), a natural authority and a warm sense of humour that all added greatly to the eroticism of the session. If ONLY i could be Your houseboy...

i have never in my life been Queened quite so Royally before! It was wonderful and ended with the most intense orgasm i have had for ages. Thank You so much.

Your slave john

Hello Dear Mistress Alaya,

I am sitting here reflecting our session last Tuesday and to say it blunt, it were absolutely the best two hours in my life.

You know I was rather nervous upon arrival and it took me some time to steady myself but then it was just the best time I ever had.

Meeting you in person, I found the most attractive, stunning person I happened to meet. I still can smell the scent of your skin, your shiny boots and can still feel the very exciting and erotic atmosphere of that evening. Your strong personality, your stunning beauty will bring everybody to his knees. Well at least it worked with me.

With being thinking about my nervousness I now think I got the reason. I guess submitting yourself into the hands of a total stranger in a foreign country, is probably not the easiest thing to do, at least not for me. Then there is the nagging question, if the deems you worthy and so on. But after the experience the conclusion is that I was a complete fool. If you ever want to see me again, it will surely not happen again.

I have only little experiences with mistresses as you know, but there is one thing I never thought it would happen in a session. That was you asking me if I would ever smile and then to tell a joke. But smiling I did a lot (sometimes together with you and sometimes on my own inwardly). I think that was the biggest point, having fun with you. (I hope that's not too fast forward but I couldn't think of a better term).

There are so many more things to say but I really have to run now.

Just one last thing you can believe me is, that you will be always in my mind, body and soul.

I sure never forget that experience with you hoping it was not the last.

Take care

After looking at Mistress Alaya's web site for the last six months, I eventually plucked up the courage to arrange a visit this week.

I arrived on time at her apartment and waited at the bottom of the stairs as I had been told. I could hear the clicking of her stilettos on the floor upstairs. After a minute or two she appeared at the top of the stairs, dressed in a black basque and stockings as I had hoped.

I was ordered to undress and come up the stairs. At the top a collar and lead was buckled around my neck and I was led into her room.

After inspecting me, I lit her cigarette and was ordered to kneel and give her 7-inch stilettos a thorough licking clean. She then, kindly, helped me dress in the seamed stockings that I had been told to bring with me. Mistress was very complimentary of my choice of silk lingerie.

I was then introduced to the concept of opposites- pleasure and pain. The pleasure was to watch her fondling her breasts, right in front of me, for 12 seconds. She teased her nipples into hardness before they disappeared back into her basque. Then the pain. I lent against the wall in front of the mirror whilst she put on her long black gloves. I then thanked her for every one of 13 firm smacks on my bottom. She then pulled down my silk panties and seemed satisfied as to the colour of my cheeks.

My hands were then manacled and I was ordered to lie on my back. Mistress stood over me giving me a wonderful view of her black panties and buttocks. I was then introduced to the delights of queening whilst at the same time having my nipples very firmly dealt with. The combined assault on my senses was overwhelming. For my pleasure I again had to pay. 10 even firmer smacks, until my bottom was stinging.

I then lay on the floor, face down but could hear the rustle as Mistress removed her panties and smothered me with them, what a glorious scent and feeling. Yet more opposites followed, she caressed my legs through my stockings before the sudden sting of hot wax on my cheeks.

There then followed a wonderful time worshipping her arse with my tongue before I was allowed to gently caress her legs through her sheer seamed stockings while we chatted. I could scarcely take my eyes off your wonderful pussy just laying there in front of me.

I was then sent to fetch Mister and Master George. I was asked which I preferred but being a slut there was only one choice. Before helping Mistress Alaya back on with her panties, I was allowed to worship you. What a privilege!

Mister George was then strapped in place and I was then bent over a chair and taken from behind, what a thrill. After several minutes of deep fucking Mistress Alaya encouraged me to come which thankfully I was able to do.

It was a fabulous two hours with a beautiful, dominant but considerate Mistress.

A new devotee.

hello mistress!

thought i'd drop you a line to say thank you for our time yesterday.. wow! from our first meeting it was great the way you took charge and controlled the whole thing. the time flew and i was shocked to see the time when i left. you are stunning and soooo sexy! despite first impressions i was quite nervous and shy (maybe a little clumsy too) but i hope i soon relaxed and got into the thing. despite what was happening below i was massively turned on (maybe nerves?) i enjoyed myself lots and i hope you did too-i said i was a giver! once again thanks and i hope you don't mind seeing me again.

regards shaunx

Hi Mistress Alaya,

I just thought I would drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed my appointment with you in Dublin.

Contrary to my expressions during the session (as you commented on) I did really enjoy it and would like to express my gratitude.

I have been thinking about the session since and almost wish I worked in Manchester so I could arrange another appointment.

One again, many thanks, Your faithful slave  Martin.

Dear Mistress Alaya

I arrived at the Hotel on Sunday at 4.30 pm. It was my first time with a Mistress and I was a little nervous and excited at the same time.

At the correct hotel door number I took a deep breath and knocked gently. The door opened and in I walked. There she was. Mistress Alaya looked divine, clad in a PVC catsuit with thigh high boots.

I was ordered to undress - Mistress was not impressed with my choice of underwear and she let me know how stupid they looked.

I was ordered to kneel before Mistress whilst she sat comfortably in a chair. And there she was - beautiful eyes, nose, freckles and mouth, her blonde hair draped over one shoulder contrasting with the black PVC that clung to her beautiful curves. A collar and chain was applied and I was made aware that I was a very luck boy because it was my first time - otherwise Mistress would have punished me for staring so much - but who could resist?

Mistress stood suddenly and walked over to to a full length mirror at the end of the room - I had to move pretty quickly because I was attached to the collar and chain ! I was made to stand facing the mirror whilst Mistress explained that in life there are many opposites - pleasure and pain being one of them - that with pleasure must come pain. Then Mistress stood before me and slowly unzipped her top whilst explaining that I had 7 seconds to view her breasts. Mistress counted to 7 whilst displaying her breasts and making her nipples hard - very very erotic ! Then they were gone, zipped away. Now I had to endure the pain - bent over, I was given 7 hard spanks on my bottom.

Mistress led me back to the chair and lit a cigarette. I had told Mistress that I had a smoking fetish. Kneeling before her I watched her seductively smoke a cigarette. Occasionally Mistress leant forward and with her lips millimetres from mine slowly exhaled as I inhaled the erotic smoke!

Then I was ordered to lie on my back and Mistress stood directly above me, feet either side of my head. The view was wonderful! Mistress unzipped her crotch area and proceeded to kneel, smother my face with her pussy and order me to worship it. Quiet groans came from Mistress as she told me i was a good boy. Next the zip was further undone to reveal a very pretty rose bud. Mistress knelt on the bed and I was ordered to worship her ass!

To conclude the session i was ordered to masturbate until I came whilst Mistress watched.

During the session Mistress Alaya was at all times firmly in control but also very sensual and understanding as to my mood. I left the hotel in a daze!

I seem to be 'shining' the last few days because people are smiling at me - maybe I am just looking for it with a more positive frame of mind. 2morrow I have my hair cut. Thursday I meet my new boss. This weekend a party in London - that should keep me busy and out of trouble too.

Thank you for your warmth and smile. The world needs your love.

Kisses and cuddles,

Paul :-)


I wanted to say thank You for a wonderful session this afternoon, and to apologise for being so pathetic, although I'm sure that came as no surprise. As You so perceptively noticed, I am a little more verbose in email than face to face, although when I know someone well I am quite different and have a very cheeky sense of humour.

The supreme confidence with which You orchestrated the session was very impressive, and I felt very much under Your spell from the beginning. There is nothing more fulfilling than to be in the presence of a strong, beautiful, intelligent and dominant woman.

I was disappointed with my own performance regarding pussy and bottom worship, as this has been something I have wanted to deal with for a long time, and I hated offending You by not being able to perform. Just to be absolutely clear - as if I needed to - this is nothing to do with You, but a problem I have to deal with. Similar to my erection difficulties which have caused problems for me for some time also.

Thank You for being so tolerant, so beautiful and so dominant. And thank You for laughing at my rather silly jokes. Almost more than anything else I like to make a Mistress laugh and if I couldn't satisfy You in other ways it is fulfilling for me to think that You find me amusing. If I was a little less shy I may have said more, but on the other hand I can get a little cheeky if I get too confident, so it's probably just as well!

I'm sure You get these sort of mails all the time from Your visitors, so I will keep this last bit short to avoid boring You too much. I would love to know You better, not necessarily as a Mistress, as I would love to have more friend in the scene as intelligent and articulate as You. So if You ever need someone to accompany You to a club or other BDSM event, or need assistance from an incompetent but well-meaning, intelligent and cheeky sub, perhaps You will spare me a thought. Otherwise I may see You in a more formal setting again in the future :-)

Thank You again,


Dear Mistress Alaya,

Thank you for the thrilling time you gave me in our London session.

I am writing this a couple of hours after arriving home, and my head is still buzzing from the experience. Worshipping your fabulous body was a dream come true for me. And it was strangely gratifying to discover how much I enjoyed being tied up and brutally fucked by your dildo. It just confirmed to me how much of a slut I have always wanted to be. I was disappointed in myself that my nervousness made me unable to be more responsive -- I am grateful for the degree of understanding you showed me, and I hope you found my service adequate.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who sees your web site and wonders whether you are really are as good as you are depicted there. You didn't fail to deliver. Any submissive would consider it a privilege to be used and abused by you.


Dear Mistress Alaya,

Thanks for session, quite honoured by the thought of being in one of your videos. Loved the session, very sensual and provocative, very different to others as we said.

I always know when it goes well, it leaves you wanting more, especially some of the things we just did not have time for (more C&B torture and breathing).

The only question is when will see you again, maybe very soon I hope! This seems like a journey into the unknown, which makes me feel quite excited.

Thank-you once again and I'm glad you enjoyed it as well. You have may details, I will see you soon

love michael

Mistress Alaya

After my amazing experience with you yesterday I felt the need to email you just to tell you how much you blew my mind. I think I spent the next hour after leaving your room in a complete daze. This morning I just had to check your website out again and still can't believe that I actually got to meet you in the flesh, and I'm certainly glad that I didn't bottle out.

There's no doubt in my mind that you really are one of the most incredible women I've ever met in my life and you certainly put me in the "zone", if you know what I mean? That said, I'm pretty damn sure I'd like to see you again if its at all possible.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Dear Mistress,

i really enjoyed the session yesterday (as You probably guessed!). You are very beautiful and what a body!

The pain was quite mild. You must have been in a good mood!

Would like to see You again.

Take care, dave

I had been curious for sometime about seeing a Mistress, I imagine I did what most of us wannabe slaves do...troll the Internet searching for someone that was attractive and that I could trust from just viewing their website – not easy!

I, like you came across Mistress Alaya. See looked stunning and experienced, but also sounded like someone who could encourage me to push myself to achieve the fantasies that I had been having for some time. I arrived at the lovely hotel she had booked in London (after a couple of vodka’s to steady the nerve) at 3:30pm.

When I first saw her, I was taken back by how beautiful and sexy she was. Any concerns I had, had about her being anything but the pictures on her website disappeared along with my nerves! She had dressed exactly how I had hoped; black knee high boots, and white top… hot! I was order to undress and then kneel at her feet. We then, went through what I wanted to experience in my session.

To be honest I wasn’t sure, so Mistress led me through the session with all the experience that you hope for before you walk in the door. After some bare hand spanking which was great, she made me give her some deep arse and pussy worship. What a treat!

Mistress demanded I keep servicing her ass and pushed hard against my face. She then laid me on the ground and reminded me of our ‘word’ as she got the candle. At this point I wasn’t sure what to expect, pain wise - but I found out pretty quickly! It was a sharp pain, but looking up at Mistress in her stockings and heels cancelled out the pain, and was exactly the pleasure and pain I was hoping to experience.

Next… I’m surprised I’m writing about, but I really wanted mistress to fuck me with her strap-on. Firstly she sat me next to her and she wet a dildo with her spit, then she invited me to share it. She made me suck the length of her dildo so close to her, and every now and then my tongue brushed past her beautiful mouth.. amazing! Mistress had my anticipation at fever pitch and now and I was desperate for her to fuck me.

She kneeled me down and came from behind and gently started to fuck me, it was my first time, and I loved it, the feeling of her gently taking me and at the same time reaching around helping me to climax.

I had a great time, and I know this experience has opened me up to exploring more of my fantasies with no guilt. I wouldn’t say it was good clean fun, but it certainly was fun!


Mistress Alaya,

Thanks for a fantastic session. The end was incredible. It is hard to describe how you get so wrapped up in something that you don't even really remember what happened.

So my apologies if I did anything out of turn ... It's always a team effort, my limits / needs change and I can't predict them, your skill is reading that each session.

Words are failing me, it was just such a total buzz, incredibly intense ... It's a bit hard to tell when your tied up on your knees, but I hope you got something out of it too.

I do like it when a mistress has genuinely enjoyed herself too, if nothing else, just from how much she has managed to totally freak her slave out. I sure you are used to countless grovelling thanks from your slaves, but please take this as genuine ...

I can count on the fingers of 1 hand the number of sessions that have finished in such a gloriously intense fashion in well over 10 years of sessions.

Keep in touch


Where do I start? This was my first time seeing a professional in any way shape or form.

I met my Mistress and was extremely nervous. Mistress Alaya put my fears to rest, although I was anxious in anticipation. She allowed me to submit to her in a very private way. She talked to me and I could share with her more in the two hours I spent with her than I have ever done with anyone in the past.

Mistress Alaya will cater for your every need, but will always be her strong self. There is no judgement, she listens, but you always know who's in control.

Mistress Alaya is beyond beautiful. I have never felt desire like I did today; I was shaking constantly! I will cherish every second I spent with her. It was very special.

Thank you Mistress for two of the best hours of my life.

I look forward to having the pleasure of your company and firm hand again soon.

A woman one thousand times less beautiful and understanding would make me the happiest person on the planet.

Yours, Ian

Dear Mistress Alaya, This is to THANK YOU very much for the session with you. As already expressed in person, this really was a time of my life! Unbelievable, Fantastic and Great. Your amazing beauty, stunning body and gorgeous personality filled my veins with so many adrenaline as I had never before! Actually this was a real touch of class for my. Will do my best to be back soon and do hope you will allow me to see you again.

Sincerely Yours, Martin (Blue Eyes) from Prague

I arrived far too early on the sunniest afternoon of the year so far. I felt a little like a teenager before his first big date as I walked into a nearby pub to order a bottle of 'Dutch courage', this would help pass the next half an hour, which as I suspected was the longest half an hour of my life... my god I was nervous.

In the days leading up to my 'tribute' with Mistress Alaya I found myself in front of my PC at every spare given moment checking out her site, just in the hope that this icon of beauty had found the time to post some more gorgeous images of herself... and here I finally was just minutes away from finally meeting her, sipping beer only guessing what the next hour and a half would bring.

I called my Mistress on my mobile to get the final directions to her apartment, the first thing that struck me was just how well spoken she was - immediately I knew not only was she one of the sexiest ladies I ever seen but she had class to. I followed my mistresses directions to her apartment, parked the car, took in a big gulp of air and walked over to her front door, closing it behind me loud enough as to alert her to my presence.

I heard the distinct clicking of her long heels against the exposed floor, my Mistress left me there just long enough so that my adrenaline started to whiz around in my stomach, she then appeared at the top of the stairs. Mistress Alaya sat there with her long flowing hair seductively but casually thrown over her left shoulder, her perfectly fitted basque, holding her beautiful breasts but most striking of all those long, long legs covered with sultry stockings all held in place by the sexiest suspenders. 

'Come up here boy', she commanded 'sit down'.

She then led me into another room, but as she stood up I was amazed at her stunning figure, surely I was not worthy of her attentions? For the next hour and a half I was introduced to some my Mistress' favourite toys and she treated me like the slave I was, only breaking in-between to smoke a cigarette and as with everything else she did that afternoon, she did it in the most seductive manner.

If you are reading this, like I was reading the reviews a few weeks ago, maybe slightly perturbed, don't be, what lies in front of you is a world of pleasure. Mistress Alaya you are truly amazing and hopefully I shall see you again soon. 

Clumsy Brian

I arrived home from Leeds tonight at 8.30 and I have made some notes about my visit to you yesterday Mistress. What can I say but it was stupendous! In my 30 odd years of visiting Mistresses, It was not only different - I think I left with the feeling that I had been really and utterly fulfilled as far as my needs are concerned - a very rare feeling.

It was truly a very interesting four hours, and thank you mistress for allowing this length of time and in fact not keeping me to that time. I think you allowed me to stay over twenty minutes more than agreed. Thank you Mistress for you graciousness and flexibility.

I hope you enjoyed the experience, as I have said my aim in life is to please and serve you. I said I would write to you with a review of my experience, so this is it!

You graciously accepted me straight into your presence and you were wearing the rubber knickers that I had bought for you from the mail order company. I will get you some rubber stockings soon although I think these might be stockings with a twist! Perhaps a surprise!

On arrival I gave you the red rubber Mistresses Dress that I purchased for you and you told me to get ready, changing into my rubber gear.

You then emerged into the room dressed in your rubber Mistresses dress. I am not sure if you know what the first sight of your Mistress dressed in such a costume does for such a poor degenerate like me. I think you are beginning to understand a little about me and the fact that my needs are somewhat unusual, intense and varied. Perhaps weird would be more suitable. I think those who read on will realise I am not kidding and realise how wonderful it must be to find a Mistress who is prepared not only to try to help such a disturbed slave but to actively learn from him (it).

That picture of you dressed from the top of your pearly neck to just below your wonderful knees in tight red rubber will stay with me for ever. I hope you put up a picture of this on your website so that I can pay homage to you regularly.

Not only did you allow me to put the finishing touches to the rear zip but you also allowed me, with very quivering hands, to wipe EVERY INCH of your rubber dress with rubber polish on a cloth! I have never been allowed to do such a thing at the beginning of a session by any Mistress ever before! I can't say how shocked and over awed I was. I was very careful not to press to hard and went around one area expecting to be told to wipe it or to be told not to. However you just let me continue. Sheer bliss!

I wonder if I can get some rubber shine that is lemon flavoured or something. What a thing it would be to be ordered to perform this cleaning with my tongue instead of a cloth! The hunt begins................

Next you put on your high healed shoes and sat down while we went through the electric equipment you were so gracious to use on me. I know you were intrigued and although it was not the basic electric kit your use was of these attachments was wonderful. However that was to wait. We spoke for some time about electric's and its use and medical scenario's and the motivation behind these. I really enjoyed talking with you about these things. Perhaps next time over a meal!!!!!!!!!

Next you fetched both of us a drink. You sat on the settee and drank your water while making me wait for the wine glass with your Golden wine in it. My mouth was already dry with anticipation and from discussing electric's and medical features that you might use in future. However you made me suffer by making me eat a cracker that made my mouth even drier. However, soon you gave me permission to drink the wonderful nectar in the glass. It was wonderful Mistress.

There are many flavours to Golden Wine and yours is not salty but sweet and full. No way was I going to swill it round my mouth and spit like wine tasters do. I fully intend to always drink it down savouring it and making it last. Pity my tongue isn't longer as I wish I could have cleaned the inside of the glass!

I've always wanted a longer tongue - I wish I could find out how that can be achieved!

Next I was ordered to lay down on a PVC sheet and you walked above me allowing me to see up inside you wonderful red rubber costume at the crotch-less rubber knickers. What a wonderful and beautiful sight. I prayed that your legs would bend and the knickers descend onto my face with the bottom of your rubber dress around my head.

I couldn't believe it! my prayers were answered! You rearranged your dress and the aroma of your rubber filled my nose and my head became very light headed. I was in heaven already and then you ordered me to pay homage to you! Seventh heaven!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only this but I didn't realise at this stage but this was going to be one time of a few during the session when you ordered me to lick you. I absolutely adore paying homage to you and I hope that I bring you pleasure by giving my absolute attention to her.

You then used a black rubber dildo on yourself several times and made me clean it in-between insertions. Wonderful, I want more!!!!!!!!

Following this you moved into the position of laying on top of me and alternating from pussy homage to looking directly into my eyes and spitting into my mouth. I think your mouth nectar is the best I have ever had the honour to taste. It is truly wonderful, creamy and wonderfully tasty. I do like to savour this as long as I can.

The way you do this is also wonderful and startling. I have never had a Mistress do this close contact with me before. Lying on top of me allow my hands to wonder over your wonderful body and staring into my eyes and those lips very nearly meeting mine sometimes actually brushing over my lips. You also opened the zips on your chest to allow me to kiss and suck and play with your erect nipples and often targeted my mouth to pay homage to these. I love this position and activity part of the session. 

Oh I wish, I really wish they would linger longer and descend purposefully onto mine. I long to kiss my Mistress although I am sure you will not permit such a privilege.

I now lie in bed at night wondering if any man has even been allowed to kiss those wonderful lips and pay homage to your tongue. If there has been he must be a very happy man and one that is so privileged I wonder if he understands?

Following this you disappeared into that throne room of yours which I assume is your bedroom. My mind plays tricks on me when I think of such a room where your wonderful body might be laying in a 'bed' every night. The word 'bed' conjures up images and possibilities to me and the room makes me wonder what is contained within. All types of things go through my head - silk sheets or even better rubber! Softness or even one of those waterbeds. Clothing - what is contained within in this respect? Particularly dirty clothing that emits your true body scent - socks, stockings and knickers! I worry about myself sometimes - perverted I think is the word!!!!!

Anyway away from my weird mind and back to the session. You then reappear with your new thigh length PVC Boots. I was allowed to take in the combination of the red rubber dress and the boots together. Wonderful!

Then on to the electric's! Firstly the Tens box with the dual cock rings and pin prick pain from the stud electrodes. I think you moved this up to about three quarters intensity. This lasted for at least fifteen minutes with us talking about the sensation and you ramping the shocks upwards and playing with the pulse setting. Then on to the single pole PES attachments used through the TENS box. The rubber 1.5 inch long ring used with the insertable corona electrode. This took some time to fit but we got it right in the end and again you ramped in up every few minutes and varied the pulse rate. Again at least three quarters intensity was reached. Lastly, you moved on to the insertable electrode with the same 1.5 inch cock ring. This insertable electrode gives off a very erotic sensation when it is being push inside right up to the tip about 6 to 8 inches and also very erotic when it is taken out. I think you were cautious of the ecstasy of moving it in and out slowly as this would have been too pleasurable for me and you were afraid it might result in an eruption! However again the electric's were applied and with this accessory, a full intensity was reached after a time of incremental ramping up the shocks as well as moving the pulsing up to the top.

Next you moved on to allowing me to eat some of your pussy hair. You gave her a hair cut in front of me allowing me to see and hold a paper to collect the hair on. I hope I licked the paper clean of the very short curly hairs?

Following this I had to try to drink some draft golden wine. The flow was two much for me and it went everywhere although the PVC sheet saved the carpet! Next time I'll bring a funnel for you. I would prefer it through a funnel as then I can manage the lot and not loose any! It really is intoxicating and superb quality!

Then I hand to perform some cleaning for you. Firstly the mess I had made by not being able to take all your Golden Wine straight into my mouth and then one of my favourites - Clean you rubber handkerchief!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know most men won't want to do this (and most will be disgusted by it) but I am so warped that I like to worship my Mistress by devouring anything that has been on or in you. (Except brown sports cause I cannot stomach that although I have heard from somebody who knows a way around this). 

The handkerchief was really well used. Thank you Mistress. I don't know how long you used it for but it looked like a few days. I hope I cleaned it well. It looked clean!

Perhaps one time, if you have a cold, I can try it draft!!!

Then again we moved on for the third time to pussy worship and this time very intensely and prolonged. I really loved this. It was so wonderful being able to get your pussy to react so and to be allowed to persist over a period of time and in many positions. Not only just my tongue on your pussy but my fingers and my hands on your body. The zips in the Mistress Dress allowed me to play with your nipples as well as caressing your body. I wish I had more hands and longer arms and tongue.

We completed the session with you sitting against the settee and me watching your pussy and you play while assisting where I could. This session and this site will remain with me for the rest of my life. Your sessions are so interactive. It is not all tie down and pain. It is more pleasure and endurance with some erotic pain. I adore my sessions with you Mistress.

We had a chat at the end of the session and you offered me a shower. I wanted to keep my rubber on until I got to my hotel (another 2 hours) and so I declined. I also didn't want to clean off your aroma either so I could savour the experience some more.

Although the session was for four hours it was four hours and a good twenty minutes before I left, and I think then it could have been longer if you did not have to go.

I mustn't forget the Homework! Mistress you really are gracious. You must have realised that you surprised me by presenting me with another rubber handkerchief full before I left. I still have not used this. I plan to hold on to it for as long as I can and then clean it a quarter at a time. Four sessions of me in front of my computer, with your wonderful image on the screen and cleaning a quarter of the rubber. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much!!! You are truly marvellous.

I'll bring a homework bottle with me next time! or perhaps send you one so I can have a vintage selection!!!!

I know I promised to send you some information but I'll gather that tomorrow and send it separately as it is now near midnight and I have an early start tomorrow. I'll think of you as I am back on the train tomorrow to go to the Midlands - so I'll be a little closer to you.

I love you Mistress

your deviant slave

I've never written a review before of any session with a Mistress although I have been to several but here goes.

Whilst booking the session was easy and efficient and I wondered whether Mistress Alaya would be as severe as she could sometimes look in her gallery. Her apartment was easy to find and felt very safe. In fact I was so nervous that I left my specially purchased Thornton's chocolate gift in the car!

Mistress greeted me on the stairs dressed in an astonishingly fetching schoolgirl outfit and although the website says no pre-interviews we had a chat whilst I was kneeling staring at her expensive stockings and high heels - I think this was meant to calm down! With my hands in cuffs and my other bits bound up in something approaching lurid pink parcel tape the session really began.

I was treated to some extended panty smothering before the panties were removed and wrapped around my head - the embarrassment of talking to someone whilst wearing their fragrant undies over your face is extraordinary. As time moved on I was instructed to begin my worship of her pussy - divine and so moist - and then her arse - heaven. I could have done that all day but Mistress had other ideas and lay on top of me thrusting against my bound body and pushing so close to me - with her face up against me I thought she was going to bite - she didn't but her poodle sounded as though it might have a nasty nip.

A fabulous day well worth the long drive and one I would like to repeat - my time with Alaya was easily the best session I have had - she is well worth a visit. 

Thanks - I know I owe you a bottle! 


Mistress Alaya. You asked for feedback from my visit. If I'm honest I'm unsure where to begin. It was immensely enjoyable, you have a body I could happily spend days on and looks that could drive men to make war, and on top of that talking with you afterwards was as good as the activity that preceded it so all in all a fabulous afternoon because I rarely feel so relaxed and switch off so freely.

Next time I'd probably like to explore a bit further with some of the accessories but I think you know that already from what you said, and I suppose I'll know not to wait for exactly every instruction as well if you are sat on me etc, I just wasn't sure whether I had permission or not sometimes.

I'll stop there as I may be in danger of being called 'smooth' if I'm not careful, but I look forward to my next visit immensely. I hope your Sunday with the papers was chilled and relaxing.

Take care, Steve.

Dear Mistress Alaya.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. As you know, this was my first encounter with a Mistress and I hope that it will not be the last. Once again, I apologise for my late arrival and I assure you that it will never happen again.

May I say how beautiful you are with those gorgeous eyes and lips. As for your legs and arse..... magnificent!! How marvellous it was to receive my first queening. When you began to rub your pussy and arse all over my face, I was in heaven. Then came your golden rain all over my face and into my mouth... wonderful!!

To watch you bend over and allow me to stick my tongue deep into your arsehole, was truly an experience I will never forget. Also, while your lips were so close to mine, swallowing your saliva as it trickled into my mouth was a mixture of pleasure and pain... pleasure due to the wonderful taste but pain, as I so wanted to kiss those beautiful lips.

I thank you again Mistress Alaya for guiding me through my first steps into a new world. The first steps of which I hope, with your permission Mistress, will be a long and wonderful journey.

Love, Rob.

I visited Mistress Alaya for the first time earlier this week. This was my first visit ever to a mistress although I have always been interested in the S&M persuasion.

Booking Mistress Alaya could not have been easier, I just completed the booking form and awaited a reply. The day I visited my nerves were running at an all time high. Mistress Alaya soon put me at ease and even allowed me a pre session interview to calm me down.

The experience of that afternoon was incredible, words would not be enough to describe my pleasure. Needless to say I will be visiting her many more times to come.

Thank you Mistress Alaya


Thank you bounteous Mistress for a VERY enjoyable and unforgettable afternoon. One that, if you will permit it, this humble slave would very much like to repeat again soon.

Your photographs on your (excellent) web site do not do your stunning majesty justice by half. Any slave or mere male who should be so fortunate as to get as close to you as I was allowed would not fail to fall completely under your spell.

The scent of your body, the taste of your golden waters, the aroma taste and texture of your pussy are something that I will not forget for a very long time and I dearly wish I could feel them whilst writing this e-mail instead of longingly remembering the pleasure

Master George was also an experience that has never been so pleasurable before. Very firm and commanding but some how warm and caring at the same time. I would hope to meet him again in the future, possibly for a prolonged period to really stretch my reserves.

Once again thank you very much for the most pleasurable and rewarding afternoon I have spent in a very long time.

Your humble slave Paul

I visited Mistress Alaya for the first time yesterday and was overwhelmed by the physical experience; the excitement created during the session and the memories it has left me with.

Mistress Alaya administered all of the punishments that I had hoped for above and beyond my greatest expectations.

The Mistress was dressed in the tightest black PVC cat suit that I have seen. The only thing that could top that PVC outfit would be latex!! The session was intense, demanding, creative and all of my senses where exercised and delighted beyond my expectations.

I found at last the mistress of my dreams who turned out to be even more beautiful in person than her excellent web site currently portrays her.

Everything that is stated on the web site is exactly what you get.

I have travelled the country in pursuit of a first class environment and a skilled Mistress with the personality to match. Mistress Alaya is exceptional Mistress on all counts.

The 100 plus miles I travelled to meet Mistress Alaya was a very worth while investment for the future if allowed I will be a very regular servant to the beautiful and wicked Mistress.


Dearest Mistress

What an experience!!! I can't believe how all of my fantasies came true today and they were better in real life than I could ever have dreamed.

The main words for you, Mistress Alaya, are Cool, Chic and Classy.

From the moment that I first saw you I knew that my time with you was going to be extra special; massaging and stroking your wonderful legs and feet was extra special for me. 

When you instructed me to lay on my back on the floor I was at once fearful and excited... I didn't know what was going to happen next...

You lay on top of me and placed your stunning lips close to mine and emptied copious amounts of your nectar into my parched mouth... oh, how I yearn for more of that taste now that I am back at home, hundreds of miles from you.

Then, when you came and sat on my face, I was finally in heaven. It was much too good to be true. I would love to spend hours lapping at your vagina and licking your sweet rosebud. I can still just detect your scent and I yearn to service you again.

Mistress, when I next see you I would love to spend more time servicing you and worshiping your immaculate body. I yearn for your spit and ache to push my tongue deep into your ass. I want to feel your moistness on my face and to hear you come... pleasing you is what I really want to do, my enjoyment comes mainly from that. It's what you deserve.

You are so stunning that I cannot get you out of my mind. My trips to Stockport are going to have to become regular, me thinks.

When I next see you I would love to pamper you with a full body massage, if that is of interest.

I would also love to be tied down and made to worship you and have you sitting on my face for ages. I REALLY want more of your nectar and I am desperate to try your golden juice. Again, that will be a first for me. 

You are great, mistress. You've a great sense of humour and I am sure that I will be far more relaxed next time I serve you.

My feelings are too strong to believe!

Yours completely


Thank you Mistress for allowing me into your presence last Sunday.

I really had a wonderful time and I hope you also enjoyed it. My purpose in life is to ensure beautiful goddess like yourself have a wonderful time and I must understand that my role is to serve in any way Mistress so desires. Your really are most stunningly beautiful, especially in that cat suit and the nurse uniform. I wish they were made out of rubber, you would look absolutely irresistible in rubber!

I have obtained some handkerchief's for you. I will send them by post. Perhaps when I am allowed into your presence again you could use one for a number of days before hand making it very dirty and keep the other with fresher nectar from that day.

I hope that your pussy was also satisfied with my performance! I adored worshiping her and would consider it heaven if I was strapped down and forced to worship her every hour for at least 15 minutes for the rest of my life! I long for you to get so excited that you expel copious amounts of excitement straight into my mouth.

I loved the way you lay on top of me. Nobody has ever done that before. It was wonderful. I thought on one of two times that you were going to allow me to kiss those wonderful lips of yours. That would be one thing I would have wanted to do although I know that I am not allowed. Your mouth was so close, on a number of times my head moved forward to try to connect. I know I was wrong to do this and I expect that you will want to punish me for this next time.

Again I am sorry my hands wondered over your body without permission. But your body on top of mine was just too much to resist. I loved feeling your body in that cat suit, and I understand that again a punishment is probably due because of my behaviour.

The face to face proximity was superb. I was able to look straight into your wonderful eyes and look at that nose, and the mouth in close proximity. It was very tempting and made me want more and closer still.

And your mouth nectar Mistress was probably the best I had ever had the pleasure of drinking. I loved every drop, and kept what I could in my mouth so that I could taste it and savour it. I would love you to collect some for a day or so before next time so that I could have a glass full as well as that straight from your wonderful mouth.

Yours was so different from most. It seemed to be thicker and much more rich and tasteful. Pure Nectar!

Your wine was also tasty. I find that Golden Wine is different if it is bottled and therefore cold and if it is hot (draft). Draft wine is warm and tasteful. If it is administered through a funnel I can usually drink every drop as I can control the flow through the funnel with my tongue, swallowing a little at a time and savouring the wine as it passes my mouth.

Bottled wine is different as it is cold. The older it is the more flavour it contains - A three day old wine is darker and tastes different from a wine collected earlier in the day in question.

I need to spend a longer time with you next time Mistress if you will allow. I would be interested in an overnight stay but would want to know what that entails.

I would also be interested to know why you do not do any medical scenarios, seeing as you have the uniform. Is it because you do not have the equipment or that you do not know what to do. Both of these we can overcome if you wanted.

I would also like to see you dressed in rubber. Do you not have any actual rubber clothes?

I will bring my electric's box with me next time as promised.

Thank you once again Mistress. This was a wonderful experience for me and one I wish to repeat many many times.

Your slave john

Dear Mistress Alaya,

Thanks so much for a wonderful time. I was very nervous, as you know. I was also worried in case you were going to really hurt me. I visited another pro-domme a few months ago and it was like being in a torture chamber. Not at all pleasant - though interesting in its own way.

I am sorry I stared at you quite a lot. You are exquisitely beautiful. You look 5-10 years younger in real life than on the web. I knew from the photos that you would have a nice body but I was really quite surprised with how attractive you are. You have the most fantastic eyes.

I really enjoyed the close contact you allowed. You clearly understand what motivates poor men such as me. And I was very excited (sexually) by your whispering voice. When you used the dildo I was apprehensive at first and initially it was quite painful (I am not experienced in that way) but after a while it was really quite pleasurable. In fact, at one point I thought I was going to cum just from that alone - which surprised me. It was wonderful that you sat on my face - this is one of my favourite fantasies - and how nice to experience this with someone as beautiful as you. Although you have nice eyes, it is your legs and bottom that I liked the most.

I think I would enjoy a more intense session with you in the future. I'm happy to receive a little more pain if you so see fit, but really I am not complaining. And certainly not asking to be whipped within an inch of my life. If I visit you again, which I hope I will, I don't think I will be so nervous.