Frequently Asked Questions

Are you discreet? 100% discreet! I will never phone you unless previously arranged.

Can you be gentle with me? Possibly, Domination is not just about pain and discomfort! Many of My slaves prefer the erotic and sensual side of Domination, and I love using My exquisite body and kinky mind to control you. Just be honest and open with what you want to experience.

Are you looking for a 24/7 live-in slave? No.

Are you looking for help with your web site? No.

Do you want a photographer? No.

Do you smoke? Yes, and I love smoking scenes.

Do you see females or couples? No, male slaves and TVs/Maids only.

What won't you do? I am not interested in scat, enemas, needles or blood-play.

Do you allow your slaves to cum? I insist that all My sluts cum, unless of course they are in chastity.

Do you offer telephone training? No.

Do you offer online training? No.

Do you see slaves at weekends? Yes, though I choose convenient dates and times. You must fit around My schedule!

Are your toys clean? I always sterilize My toys after a session.

Do you ever play a submissive role? No.

Where are you from originally? I am from the Caribbean and spent quite a lot of time in England. Now I live most of the time in Asia.

What exactly is strap-on worship? Begging to worship My strap-on with your mouth before taking it inside your slut's hole (if you really want it and can take it)

How tall are you? 5' 8" without heels.

Do you see adult babies? Yes!!! I love playing the Nanny role! I adore 'nappying' men.

Can I buy your used panties and stockings? No.

Will you mark me? Yes! If you can't take heavy marks, just let Me know in advance.

Can you travel to see me? No.

Can I email you? Yes, but there is no guarantee you'll get a reply: